Character » Tumbleweed appears in 14 issues.

    Tumbleweed is a living tangle of plants.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Number of the Beast

    Tumbleweed was a hero in the 1940's and was asked to work with the army to fight against the Nazis. Not much is know about him other than like the Paladins he watched the Hiroshima and was then taken into the Number of the Beast Program. Like many of the members of his team he spent 63 years living in the Virtual World the "City" until the High entered and freed the others. He fought alongside his team battling the Authority until both groups became aware of the Reaper threat. Clones of the High that had gone insane and began fighting any hero. Although they were stopped they caused massive damage to the planet and like the other Paladins he now fights to protect the broken world and vowed to make those who caused it to pay.

    World's End

    Tumbleweed did what he could to help by using his powers to make a mighty forest like oasis. It was created after hearing the wants of Paris to find a place for the animals to call home. Both he and the Kindred had been keeping the humans out. Later the Wildcats showed up thinking it was made by the original Engineer and hoped that they could use it to rebuild the earth, but when they discovered it was mystical and not mechanical they asked if he could make more. Sadly he explained he needed to stay in the oasis to keep it alive so only one can exist at one time however he promised to let humans feed off the food too.

    Powers and Abilities

    Tumbleweed can control plants and cause them to grow. He can change his shape to some degree but his mass must be the same and he will still be made of plants. His powers are so strong that he can make an entire oasis like forest but must stay in that area to keep it alive.


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