Tullamore Voge

    Character » Tullamore Voge appears in 62 issues.

    A human from an alternate reality in which mankind evolved differently, Tullamore Voge (a.k.a. Vogue) is an extraterrestrial slaver and a powerful telepath.

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    Voge was in attendance at Ransome Sole's slave auction of the X-Men, but he was captured by Sketch after the X-Men broke free of their restraints and clashed with Sole and his employees.

    Voge has the ability to command Hounds - genetically altered humans used as mutant trackers. He once attempted to corrupt Wolverine into becoming a Hound, but he was saved by Jean Grey, who then became bound by Voge's mental powers. Eventually the X-men managed to regain the upper hand against Voge, but he was then freed by the Crimson Pirates, who had taken the X-Men by surprise. 

    He also once encountered and kidnapped the X-Men in Moscow. Storm, the only escaping member of the team, was forced to ally with Alexi Vazhin of the Russian intelligence community to free them.


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