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    Royal Prince of Tigers, Tuftan is often pulled by his duties as being son of Emperor Caesar and his friendship with the 'animal' Kamandi.

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    Pre-Crisis Tuftan

    Tuftan is the son of Caesar and heir to the Tiger Empire. Despite his royal ranking, he takes part in battles and invasions of his empire. He encounters the talking animal Kamandi when he gets himself captured by Gorillia soliders. They sort of establish a Huckleberry Finn/Jim relationship, as Tuftan is ignorant to Kamandi's humanity and plight.

    Post Crisis Tuftan

    The next in line to be ruler of the Savage Lands, an island with a community of man-beast called the Wild Men. He first appeared when he was chasing the


    boy who stole food. With the help of his friends, he managed to capture the boy and brought him back to the island's city, which he hoped to present the animal as a pet to his love, Lady Tawna. But the animal was property to the dealer-snake, Sacker. In order to get the animal, Tuftan's father, Great Ceaser, made a trade for him with an ancient artifact, a tv. Sacker even through in a watered down version of his venom to keep the animal in line.

    Later that night, there was a party in Tuftan's honor for capturing the animal. But while everyone was celebrating, Tuftan and his father were observing the animal, still struggling to be free despite being chained to a wall. Tuftan than remembers that he forgot the venom for the human and goes off to fetch it, leaving his father alone. Ceaser was then attacked by the ape-man Killa. Seeing the fight infuriated the animal greatly. Before Killa could deliver the finishing blow, the animal broke free and attacked Killa, causing a loud enough commotion to get the attention of all the Wild Men on the Savage Lands. The animal also did something else amazing, it spoke. After witnessing the feats, the people agreed to appoint the animal as the Mighty One. But Ratsuptin is not convenience and demands that the animal must prove that he is the Mighty One.

    Before the animal started the trials, he and Tuftan formed a friendship, as well as the other Wild Men. Tuftan showed great concern when it appeared the animal seemed to have died in the trials. But the scrappy little human survived and recovered his memories. At this point, the animal flew himself and Tuftan to Slacker's Store, where the animal recovered some clothes and said his name. "Superboy."

    The New 52

    Prince Tuftan, calling himself Tuffy meet Kevin Kho at a zoo. The other talking animals intoduce themselves. They are a talking bear, a warthog, and a Zebra. Prince Tuftan wants to rescue his father who has been kidnapped by the Warden Gaym. The Warden is later revealed to be Simyan. Simyan calls Tuftan's father Command D, a reference to the Kamandi title and where Kamandi received his name, and commands him to kill everyone. Tuftan is forced to kill his father and his new tribe leave. Tuftan turns to Kevin who was forced to turn to Omac in the battle and says I hope our paths meet again. Kevin and Brother wonder what Tuftan and his small group who have been genetically altered can unleash on this world.

    Batman Beyond

    Tuftan lives in the ruins of Metropolis and seems to have a loose affiliation with Dr. Cuvier.


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