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Tubalcain Alhambra was one of the Millennium Group's greatest officers, a First Lieutenant. He was dispatched to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, when Hellsing operatives were deployed there in order to investigate the resurgence of the Order 666 technologies and officers; his task was to retrieve a sample of the Hellsing Organization's master vampire Alucard, or his bloody carcass. To this end, he bribed high-ranking officers in the GATE, Brazil's Special Tactical Actions Squad, promising them the immortality brought by the vampiric transformation. Branding the two vampires staying at Hotel Rio as terrorists, he sent several squadrons to have them killed. In fact, he did not expect any of the men to survive; he only took that course of action to ensure Alucard would have less of his special silver ammunition to use against him. Much like he expected, countless innocent, ignorant humans were brutally slaughtered in the hotel, significantly reducing Alucard's cache of ammo, but also having him spectacularly declaring a bloody war against Millennium by having several of the tactical squad thrown out of the main doors to a great height and brutally impaled upon the flagpoles decorating the hotel's exterior.

Not caring about civilians in the area, Alhambra started using his skills to summon seemingly endless amounts razor-sharp, explosive playing cards, which he threw around with expert precision, killing many civilians in the area whether with the blasts or the slipstream of the card's bladed edge. Furthermore, Alucard not only had problems shooting him, as he was fast enough to dodge bullets at close range, but the enchanted cards dealt magical damage to the vampire, which he could not easily regenerate. When Alucard indeed managed to shoot him in the neck, he dissolved into a mass of cards, and then reappeared and attacked Alucard from behind, seemingly using an entire deck to blow up Alucard.

Alucard Vs The Dandy Man
Alucard Vs The Dandy Man
They both took the battle to the hotel's ceiling, where the fledging vampire Seras Victoria attacked him with a barrage of machine gun fire, which he was able to stop by using his cards to form a sort of shield around him. However, she then used her favored weapon, the Harkonnen cannon. While Alhambra was successful in cutting the immense depleted uranium projectile fired from the weapon, the resulting impact released huge amounts of smoke and dust, which considerably slowed him down. Alucard then started using shadow puppets in his shape (one created from his hellhound, Baskerville) to further confuse and unnerve Alhambra. In the end, Alucard tricked Alhambra, kicking off his leg in a tremendously sadistic manner, and then using his hand itself as a weapon, going through his last Ace of Spades card and destroying his arm in a horrifying way. Alucard then drained Alhambra and left him to burn, having recovered the information he needed by absorbing Alhambra's soul.

Alhambra made a final post-mortem appearance at the Battle of London, when Alucard released his most powerful familiars, partly merged with the soul of fellow Millennium officer Rip Van Winkle. He appeared, again brandishing handfuls of magic cards, and using them to destroy Enrico Maxwell's helicopter so that the other ground-based familiars could grab and ultimately impale him with the aid of Paladin Alexander Anderson. His soul was burnt to nothingness when Anderson used a Nail of Helena-enhanced bayonet on Alucard's chest, consuming countless familiars in holy fire.


Deck Of Enchanted Cards
Deck Of Enchanted Cards
Enchanted Cards: Tubalcain Alhambra uses seemingly infinite amounts of enchanted playing cards, summoning streams of them; he is capable of dissolving into them, rather than into bats (like a normal vampire). These cards have a magical razor sharp edge that allows them to cut through high-density materials such as the Harkonnen's depleted uranium shells, but are not capable of cutting through Alucard himself, and are capable of exploding with the force of a small bomb each. Alhambra also throws them around liberally, to slice all threats around him. He can psychically control them to form any formation he wants, such as a defensive ring to protect himself from Seras' gunfire or a circular formation set to detonate upon Alucard.

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