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    Representative of New Zealand with the ability to predict the future thanks to the third eye.

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    New Zealand's finest
    New Zealand's finest

    Tuatara is a hero from New Zealand who joined the Global Guardians. The name Tuatara was taken by the hero from the native reptile of the same name from his home country of New Zealand. Jeremy was born with a third eye in the center of his forehead. This abnormality was a mutation which would later manifest with precognitive abilities for Jeremy allowing him to see into the future.

    In his first appearance in continuity Tuatara was part of various international heroes who teamed up with the SuperFriends against the alien conqueror Grax. In an attempt to "seed" the planet Earth with a series of advanced meta-bombs. Along with Red Tornado and the rest of the SuperFriends Grax is defeated and the earth spared of a horrific future.


    Tuatara was created to serve as a representative for New Zealand in the Global Guardians. His very first appearance was in the comic series Super Friends #8 in 1977. Not until 1982 that the Global Guardians and therefore Tuatara became part of the mainstream DC Universe. He was created by E. Nelson Bridwell and Ramona Fradon.

    Character Evolution

    Tuatara's appearances have generally served as a background or supporting member of the Global Guardians throughout his history. Because of his ability as a precog almost every story he has been in uses this as a story plot throughout the storyline, each time used as a one-note hero. Most of his stories followed closely with the Global Guardians from then on, generally most of which resulted with Tuatara continuing being a supporting character in other series.

    Major Story Arcs

    Most of Tuatara's stories have been told in the background of the DC Universe with a few notable exceptions. Tuatara has joined the Global Guardians, who’s membership now spans the entire world and its members are beloved in many parts of the globe.

    Unable to keep funding from the United nations about a decade since their creation the Global Guardians are left without resources and shut down operations at the Dome. Instead funding is now sent to the newly established Justice League International. As a result, tuatara is out of work with the Global Guardians and unable to even get his parking ticket comped any longer, he now worked on a purely volunteer basis

    Global funding cuts
    Global funding cuts

    He was notably brainwashed by Queen Bee of Bialya and used to attack Justice League Europe. As various members of the Global Guardians accepted offers made by the Bialyan leader called the Queen Bee. Unknown to the Guardians, however, the Queen Bee employed 'mind control' tactics. As their first act under her mind control, former Guardian members Tuatara, Rising Sun and Wild Huntsman are sent off on specific missions to attack Nazi strongholds and Justice League members.

    Tuatara is sent to attack a Neo-Nazi fringe group based in Dover, England where he encounters the Justice League members Metamorpho, Elongated Man and Flash. As Tuatara battles all three men he quickly takes the battle to the water but is wrapped up in the Elongated Man's body. He is taken to the surface, screaming he calls the League members 'Nazis' and suddenly falls into a coma. He is taken care of at an Australian medical facility, paid for by the Justice League. While Tuatara was awaiting to be transferred to the JLI embassy medical ward, the Queen Bee signal's to awaken him. He vanishes, and returns to Bialya along with his comrades Wild Huntsman and Rising Sun which make his close friend Tasmanian Devil angered at the ease in which his former teammates disappeared from the JLI ward. Tuatara and his friends eventually escape their brainwashing after several battles with the Justice League and with other Guardians. Unknown to them, Tuatara and his remaining friends are in constant danger, as new ruler of Bialya, 'President Harjavti' endeavors to keep control of the team.

    Later after being freed from control he joined the other Guardians in the South Pacific. Tuatara is not doing well at all. He comes to believe he is going insane as a result of losing control of his precognition powers.

    After tracking down various members of the Global Guardians the villian Fain Y'Onia kills Bushmaster and depowers both Godiva and Impala. Those still able to fight gather in the Arizona desert and when Y'Onia attempts to attack Owlwoman, they ambush him. However this attempt does not go well as Thunderlord is killed and Tuatara takes a near fatal blow to the face. Y'onia was eventually defeated only by the sacrifice of the Wild Huntsman, who disappeared alongside the villain. After being struck in the face Tuatara had fallen into a coma and is still currently watched over by his former teammate Seraph.

    Powers and Abilities

    Under the Sea..
    Under the Sea..

    Tuatara has displayed precognitive powers, using his third eye in manifesting in his dreams which have given him vivid visions in his future that are going to happen. His third eye also gives him superhuman senses that allows him to see into the past.

    He can also use his precog powers in the short term future when he is in conscious state, in this way allowing him to see into the future for a few seconds at any given moment. Although more difficult to maintain this for any length of time it has helped him when physical combat situations arise. With his power to see seconds into the future he can predict his opponent's moves even before they make them and map out a battle before it actually begins.

    Other Versions

    "Syndicate Serpent-Man"

    There was also a second Tuatara who fought the Birds of Prey as a member of the Silicon Syndicate. The Silicon Syndicate is composed of various enterprises run by a gang of notorious criminals. Tuatara was a member of the "muscle" part of the Syndicate along with Diamond, Gangly Man, Mind Bullet, and Topaz. Little in known about this Tuatara except that he has reptilian attributes such as claws, green scaly skin, glowing yellow eyes, and a long tongue. This version of Tuatara has not been seen since the Silicon Syndicate disbanned.


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