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    Tsuyu, or rather Tsu, is a student at UA attending in hopes of becoming a professional hero. Her Quirk, or power, gives her certain attributes of a frog, such as hopping far distances, sticking to walls, the ability to extend her tongue out 20 meters, and she can even eject her stomach and secrete a slightly toxic liquid. When the students at UA had to choose a hero name, she chose Froppy.

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    Tsuyu is a short girl with a frog-like appearance. She has long, dark sea-green hair which she ties in a bow on her back. She has very wide eyes with pure black irises and distinctive lower eyelashes. Like a frog, she has a wide mouth.

    Her Hero costume is a green and black skin-tight suit with yellow linings which imitate a frog's skin markings. She also wears goggles, gloves, and boots with a frog-like design. Despite her boots being shaped like frog feet, she does have ten toes.


    Tsuyu is a straightforward and laid-back individual who always says what's on her mind and what she thinks about others. She prefers to be called "Tsu" but has stated she only wants people she views as friends to refer to her as such.

    Tsuyu is noticeably calm and collected, being able to stay level-headed in stressful situations. Smart and studious, Tsuyu is known for having great judgment and is rarely moved by emotion.

    Her usual expression consists of a vacant stare, which makes reading her thoughts and emotions difficult for those around her. Tsuyu has a habit of tipping her finger against her mouth while speaking or pondering. She also says "ribbit" as a replacement for many of her single-word replies.

    Powers and Abilities


    • Frog: Tsuyu's Quirk allows her to do anything a frog can do such as: hopping long distances, jumping, sticking to walls, extending her tongue, which can lift an entire person's body, up to a maximum of 20 meters, ejecting/washing her stomach, secreting toxic, sticky liquid, and camouflage. However, when she is in cold environments for too long, she is unable to use her Quirk and goes into hibernation.


    • Camouflage: Tsuyu uses her frog-like body to match the temperature and color of her surroundings in order to mask her presence.

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