Character » Tsuru-sennin appears in 61 issues.

    Tien's first Martial Arts teacher. He is known as the Crane Hermit.

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    Powers and Abilities

    Master Shen was trained by Master Mutaito just like Master Roshi was. Shen's strength is comparable to Roshi's, but his training has made him a more deceptive opponent. Shen as developed a number of techniques to combat the Turtle School.


    Dodon Ray -

    Flight -

    Telepathy -


    Other Media

    Video Games

    Dragon Ball: Online - When Gohan publishes his book explaining the science behind ki, both the Turtle School and Crane Schools become popular once again. Master Crane officially retires making Tien Shinhan the new head of the Crane School. Disciples of the Crane School can learn Master Crane's Dodon Wave along with Tien's Tri-Beam, and carry fans similar to the Bansho Fan.


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