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Nothing is known about the origins of Tsin Hark.

At an unknown point in his past Tsin Hark had troubles with the Masters of Silence.

Tsin Hark slaughtered hundreds of Chinese immigrants and obtained their blood as a power source. After he had drained his victims of all their blood, he turned them into Gynosii under his command.

Ghost Rider and the Masters of Silence entered the house of Tsin Hark and found gallon drums full of blood. Tsin Hark sat on his throne and told them that innocent blood was a rare and precious substance of great mystic potency.

Tsin Hark recognized the Masters of Silence from previous encounters and also knew who the Ghost Rider was. While walking down the stairs from his throne he told them about his operation to bring back tradition and faith by burning science from the face of the Earth. Hark adhered a paper charm with a spell on binding on Ghost Rider and jumped backwards before the Masters of Silence could attack him. He then sent his former victims who had turned into Gynosii against the Masters of Silence.

Hark went to his Pool of Blood and called upon the Gods of Outer Darkness. He let more innocent blood into the pool and threw burning incantations into the air. The pool began to burn and Hark smiled when shadows began to stir in the depths of the pool. The heroes went after Hark and found him in a hall hidden behind the curtain of his throne. He showed them the instruments of the new world order, the Army of Darkness.

Tsin Hark introduced his enemies to the Army of Darkness and ordered the Army to kill the heroes. He returned to the Pool of Blood and a silent voice within it told him about greater power and possibilities. Hark took the offer and drank from the Pool of Blood. Ghost Rider tried to attack him from behind, but Hark had already turned into a powerful Gynosii. He grew in mere seconds and raised Ghost Rider by his throat into the air.

Ghost Rider and Tsin Hark had a hard fight until Ghost Rider hit Hark's face with his chain. A few drops of Hark's blood fell into the Pool of Blood and it began to burn. Hark felt the effect on him immediately. He returned to his weak human form and saw the Pool of Blood burn out of control. Ghost Rider threw him into the burning Pool of Blood and Tsin Hark burnt within it.       


He was a powerful necromancer and had a vast knowledge of traditional Chinese magic.
He used paper charms  and possessed a pool of blood as his power source.
As Gynosii: Super-human strength, enhanced durability, immortality and an inconceivable lust for blood.

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