Character » T'shan appears in 21 issues.

    Cousin to Shuri and T'challa, son of S'yan and Wakandas ambassador to the U.N

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    He has warrior training from growing up a royal in the nation of Wakanda. He grew up with T'Challa and Shuri and has always harbored envy of T'Challa.  Being close in age him and T'challa often sparred together as children. Even as this early stage T'challa outclassed him in fighting prowess and cunning.
    Child of a panther
    When his father S'yan took over the mantle of  Black Panther and he planned to ascend to the throne by way of defeating him in single combat. Things did not go as planned however and he was quickly dispatched.
    As he lay recovering Shuri rushed over to him but never got a chance to have her bout as T'Challa defeated his father in battle. He has always thought his father allowed T'Challa to win and chose him over his own son.
    When T'Challa became king he made him the Wakandan U.N ambassador to keep him away from Wakanda and out of his way. He performed his duties admirably despite knowing they were a shackle and station made to keep him away from the throne.
    When Wakanda was attacked by Klaw's forces  he was approached by a blonde woman who was really a body hopper in disguise. after checking her story and background he was convinced she was legit. Since she claimed to be the wife of the Radioactive Man he took her on a flight to the country to try and help his people in their time of need. On the way there the plane crashed and as the woman lay dieing he tried to help her and the body hopper jumped into his body.
    It was not death in the conventional sense but more a merger as the body hopper has access to his memories and skills and even still behaved like him. What took place was a mixing and mingling of both making T'shan more mature than before and far more cunning.
    When news of Ororo and T'challa's wedding reached him he wanted to personally meet and greet them. He set up a conference in honor of his cousin and was on the same page as Luke Cage in wanting a bachelor party but Tchalla refused. At the wedding he died after the mystics such as Brother Voodoo and Dr. Strange sensed the body hopper within him. When the hopper left his body he fell to the floor dead.
    After Death
    After his death he was seen in many flashbacks. His death was swept under the carpet as Tchalla, his father, Ororo or none of his family are seen weeping at his passing over even referring to a funeral.

       Physical Characteristics
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Eye Color: brown
    Hair color: Black he wears it bald 
    Bashenga (ancestor),  Azzari the Wise (grand Father),  T'Chaka  (uncle), N'Yami (Aunt , deceased),  Ramonda (Aunt),  Shuri (cousin),   T'Challa (cousin), Jakara (cousin), Hunter/ White Wolf (cousin)  Storm  ( in law ), S'yan  (father), Unknown mother (Deceased)
      In other media
    He appears in the Black Panther Cartoon airing on BET in Australia which is inspired by Black Panther vol.4.

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