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    The immense Trypticon is the Decepticons' answer to Metroplex. He functions as a city-sized base of operations and transforms into a godzilla-like giant dinosaur as well as a mobile battle station.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Marvel Comics Continuity

    Generation 1

    Dreamwave Continuity

    IDW Comics Continuity

    Powers and Abilities

    Trypticon possesses enormous size and strength. Trypticon can lift around 70,000 tons, and possesses enough mass, strength and overall raw power to smash a town with the mere force of his punches/stomps. His extremely thick, heavily-armored hide is so durable a low-yield trans-warp explosion can only put a scratch on him. His rocket backpack allows him to jump a distance of 20 miles. He can shoot heat-seeking plasma bombs through his mouth and he carries a particle beam cannon within his sinus cavity. His optical sensors shoot high frequency hypno-beams. When locked on to the eyes of another Transformer, these beams carry powerful electromagnetic currents that can override their target's own mental processes, allowing Trypticon to control that Transformer.If the intended victim is strong-willed enough or manages to turn away from Trypticon's gaze quickly enough, he can avoid this fate. In city mode, Trypticon opens up to reveal landing and repair bays and a communication center that includes antennae for local and interspace transmissions. An anti-gravity repulsor disk at each end prevents anyone from approaching closer than 1,000 feet unless Trypticon so chooses. Rotating scanners on top of his assembly can blast a hole through a city block of bvildings. In mobile battle station mode, Trypticon is perhaps at his most dangerous. He has a range of 8,000 miles and can attain a speed of 800 mph. In addition, he has a flashing laser cannon, rotating blasters, destructo beams, and dual photon launchers.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Transformers: War for Cybertron - When Optimus Prime was promoted to the leader of the Autobots after the death of Zeta Prime due to Soundwave's torture he order the evacuation of Cybertron since the core had shut down and their would be no new energon produced so the planet could no longer sustain Autobots or Decepticons. The Autobot ships were shot down by a Decepticon station in orbit over Cybertron so Optimus had Jetfire, Air Raid, Silverbolt, and the Aerialbots attack the station in hopes of taking it down. After destroying the Cooling system and the Pulse Regulator in order to diable the main weapon the station began to taunt the Aerialbots and revealed itself to be Trypticon. The Aerialbots switched the strategy and destroyed the transformation cog within Trypticon forcing him to transform into his beastly robot form. Trypticon then used his jet pack to head for Iacon in the hopes of wiping out the Autobots entirely. The Aerialbots took out Trypticon's jet pack and forced him to the ground where he was then taken out by Optimus Prime's ground team which included Ironhide, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Swoop, and Ultra Magnus.

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Tryticon was later salvaged and taken apart by the Autobots in order to serve as a power source. After Megatron was revive from is death, thanks to Soundwave, he lead an assault on the ruins of Iacon to find Trypticon's body. Megatron was eventually able to free the separated pieces. When Soundwave said that that Trypticon would need some time to repair Megatron revealed he had a different plan in mind. Speaking to the mute giant Megatron belittled him for failling to destroy Iacon and the Autobots so Megatron entered the Nemesis protocol in Trypticon's body turning him into his own personal flagship. Soundwave revealed that due to the high damage over Trypticon that the change was permanent. Megatron did not care and now had a way to purse the Ark. Both the Nemesis and the Ark were locked in combat as they were sucked through the Space Bridge portal towards Earth. Trypticon's head is available for the Infiltrator class in the Multiplayer mode, and that one part of his is called "Fire Breather".


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