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    Future Trunks is the half-Saiyan, half-Human hybrid son of Vegeta and Bulma. Unlike his present timeline counterpart, Future Trunks grew up in a world that was being terrorized by the androids while most of the Z-fighters were dead. The death of his mentor, Gohan, pushed Trunks to achieve the Super Saiyan transformation and eventually defeat the androids of his time.

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    This is the page for the future timeline version of Trunks. For the standard timeline, please see the Trunks page.

    Mirai Trunks (Future Trunks)

    Future Trunks
    Future Trunks

    Dragon Ball Z

    In an alternate timeline, Trunks is the half Saiyan son of Vegeta, who was killed by the deadly Android 17 and Android 18. He was trained how to fight by his best friend Gohan, who had also lost his father, Goku, to a viral heart disease. Not knowing this, Dr. Gero still created Androids 17 and 18. Without a purpose the Androids turned on Gero and killed him then went on a Rampage killing hundreds.

    But, Trunks often times found himself wondering, was it really worth it to fight and save people who would only live on in fear of torment and pain every day, or let them die in a quick, painless second? These thoughts made Trunks wonder all of the time. Luckily, he had a high drive to fight, as Gohan had lost his father, the Z-Fighters were blatantly useless. Even with Trunks' father, Vegeta, they held no chance. All of them, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien, were dead. Trunks had never gotten to meet them except as a baby, but even so he heard that they were all extremely great men from his sensei.

    The Z-Fighters attempted to defeat them but without Goku, stood no chance and fell to the Androids power. It was a sad time for Earth in his time line. Everything they did was extremely covert as people had to live in fear every day of someone killing them from nowhere. Trunks and Gohan spent everyday training, as they needed to be able to move out to take care of the Androids (or hold them off, to an extent) so that people could live another day .

    Gohan, who understood him above all else. His mother, Bulma Briefs, was the only other person he had grown up knowing. They made Trunks' life all the more livable, even in these dark and dreary times.

    "Okay Trunks..." Gohan said. He and Trunks had been training for months on simply trying to get him into Super Saiyan level. It never worked...Trunks never had anything to provoke him to become saiyan . He had never lost anyone like Gohan had, and only knew physical pain, nothing else.

    "OK...ummm" Trunks said, only this training session was interrupted by a powerful shock wave heard from across the city.

    "Okay, let's go! Go! Go!" Gohan said, rushing his young purple haired student to the battle scene. Little did either of them know, this fight would change Gohan and Trunks' life forever.

    About 13 years later, the Androids were still unstopped and Trunks finally went off to fight them on his own. When he arrived on scene the Androids were already gone but Gohan was there. Trunks asked Gohan to train him so he can help him defeat the murderous Androids. Gohan agreed and started training him. But before too long they met up with the Andriods. During the battle Gohan lost his arm and gained a scar on his face. This did not stop him from wanting to stop the Androids or train Trunks.

    Later, the Androids struck again. This time Gohan faught them on his own and with his condition lost to them. The Androids had killed him and Trunks showed up too late. Seeing the dead body of his closest friend, it made Trunks angry enough to transform into a Super Sayian for the first time.

    Future Trunks slices Mecha Frieza
    Future Trunks slices Mecha Frieza

    3 years later, Trunks' mom, Bulma, had finished the time machine she had been working on. Trunks used this time machine to go back to the past when Frieza was on Earth and before Goku had died. Showing up before Goku came back to Earth, Trunks easily defeated Frieza and his father, King Cold. When Goku showed up he told him that was the son of Vegeta and Bulma from the future. He told him about how he would get sick and gave him a cure for it that was developed in the future. He also warned him about the Androids. After this Trunks returned to his own time.

    Trunks later showed up to help the Z-Fighters defeat the Androids. Although when they showed up he was surprised to find that they were not the ones from his time. After defeating the Androids, Android 17, 18, and 16 were released. They easily defeated the Z-Fighters and went to find Goku. It was at this time a being called Cell appeared. He came from another alternate future and wanted to absorb Android 17 and 18 so he could reach his perfect form. The Z-Fighters trained in the Chamber of Spirit and Time/Hyperbolic Time Chamber, so they could train for a long time but would only seem like a few hours on Earth. After this training Trunks was able to match Cell's power, even in his perfect form, although he had to change to a form that made him too slow to win.

    Cell ended up defeating him but let him win so that he could warn the Z-Fighters about a tournament he was going to hold. During the tournament, Trunks was hit by one of Cell's blasts and killed but was later revived with the Dragon Balls. He then returned to his time where he was powerful enough to defeat the Androids and Cell on his own.

    Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Super
    Future Trunks in Dragon Ball Super

    Dragon Ball Super

    Several years after killing Dabura and Babidi, and Nine years after the fall of Future Cell, a man named Goku Black goes berserk and causes humanity to be on the brink of extinction. Trunks attempts to stop Black, but fails. Bulma suggests that they should receive help from Goku and Vegeta in the past. Six months later, Bulma gathers enough fuel for a one-way trip to the past for the Time Machine, when all of a sudden, Black gets in their way. Future Trunks shields his mother when Black destroys the lab. Future Trunks is shocked to see that Black has Future Bulma. Future Bulma then tells him to go on without her, and that getting back to the past is the highest priority. Black then fires another ki blast, destroying the lab and Future Bulma as Future Trunks watches in horror. He then shakes it off and runs to find Future Mai, knowing that getting back to the past is their highest priority.

    Future Trunks goes to search for Future Mai, and he is concerned at first when he knocks at her door and gets no answer, yet is relieved when he sees her. Mai asks where Bulma is, then is saddened when she realizes that Black must have killed her, and Future Trunks then confirms this by saying that in order to escape, she sacrificed herself as Black killed her, and mourns her death as he cries over his loss. Future Trunks reignites the hope of going back to the past as he shows Mai the energy that Bulma sacrificed her life to get, further stating they can go back to the past. Trunks and Mai are seen in the room. Mai asks him if he wants to rest, yet he declines. Mai offers him some meat, and as he is about to eat it, he sees a small kitten leap onto the floor, and smiles at the kitten. He asks Mai if the kitten will be alright, and she says it will, since many kittens apparently forget the face of their owner in 3 days. Trunks then offers half of the can of meat to Mai, and she at first refuses, yet realizes how hungry she is and eats it rather quickly. After she finishes eating, Trunks tells her that they only have enough energy to make a one way trip. Mai asks how they will return back to their timeline, and he responds by saying they will find a way. They then prepare to leave to Capsule Corporation, and they both see the kitten leave, and that puts a smile on their face, and they run to Capsule Corporation.

    As they both are near Capsule Corporation, Mai asks if Trunks can sense Blacks energy, and he says he cannot. When they are at the door of the Capsule Corporation building, Trunks looks back and sees that Black has appeared again. He attempts to fight Black and unsheathes his sword, managing to deflect a few of his ki attacks with it, however Black easily knocks his sword away with a punch, also throwing him to the ground. Mai runs to Future Trunks, where he yells at her for not escaping when she had the chance, and Mai tells him she will act as a decoy so he can escape. He then watches as she shoots at Black with her shotgun and is thrown away like a rag doll from one of Black's ki attacks and seemingly killed. Trunks then runs to Mai to see if she is alright, and gets filled with anger as he holds her in his hands, then looks to Black, who has taken his human form, boasting how Trunks will breathe his last breathe as he looks with a smirk on his face. Enraged Trunks powers up to Super Saiyan and launches a all out assault on Black, actually catching him off guard and causing some damage to Black however Black was quick to regain the upper hand and swats Trunks away and attacks. As a Super Saiyan Trunks was able to hold his own for some time but eventually was overwhelmed and dropkicked into a wall and blasted with a barrage of Ki Blasts. While Black prepared for the kill with a Giant Golden-Black Ki Blast Trunks throws his sword at the attack, causing it to detonate in Black's face and follows up with a Masenko which Black blocks.

    Future Trunks manages to escape from Black and get the time machine 17 years into the past traveling from Age 797 to Age 780, where his time machine is found by a woman and he's found inside by Present Trunks. He is then rushed onto a gurney, where Trunks gets to see him, and is shocked by Future Trunks' arrival. He is then with Bulma, Vegeta, Goku, and Trunks, where they see him and are all in concern. Trunks eventually wakes up. Upon seeing Goku, he has flashbacks showing the death of Future Bulma and Future Mai. He then mistakes Goku for Goku Black and attempts to attack Goku in anger, much to Goku's confusion. However, Goku halts Trunks' attack by grabbing his arm before the attack can hit. However Future Trunks is able to see with Bulma's help that Goku isn't his enemy and Trunks calms down and explains what happened. Goku, curious to how strong Future Trunks is, asks to have a sparring match with Future Trunks. Future Trunks accepts and powers up to Super Saiyan 2. Impressed, Goku also powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and then eventually goes farther to Super Saiyan 3. Bulma, fearing for the city, erects a barrier around them so they can fight in peace. Fully powered up, Future Trunks, as a Super Saiyan 2 attacks with his sword. The force from the blow shatters the barrier but Goku as a Super Saiyan 3 caught the blade without much effort then proceeded to overpower the young Saiyan. Goku helps Trunks to his feet and tells him that he is impressed with his power and is amazed that he was able to get so far on his own.

    Future Trunks is then greeted by Krillin and Piccolo, who ask if something happened in the future. Then, a sudden thunderstorm appears, and Goku Black appears through a portal, which shocks Future Trunks. Future Trunks becomes enraged by Black's appearance in the past he is ready to fight but is stopped by Vegeta. He watches the fight between Super Saiyan 2 Goku vs Black and he wonders why Goku doesn't go all out. When the fight ends, Black is sucked back into the future, but not before Black destroys the Time Machine. With the Time Machine destroyed, Future Trunks is stranded in the past with no way back to Future Earth. He then learns about the Time Ring from Whis and Beerus and asks for one but Beerus tells him that The Time Ring can only be used by the Supreme Kai. Bulma then found a capsule and opens it revealing, the Time Machine that Cell came in from the Future. Bulma revealed that before Future Trunks went back to the future after Cell's defeat he gave that capsule to Bulma she could never figure it out so she put it away and forgot all about it. Now that she has her future self's notebook she can fix it and make it work.

    Future Trunks then meets present day Mai and tells her about her future counterpart. He tells her about how her future counterpart and how she was leader of the resistance against Goku Black. Goku then interrupts the story saying that Future Trunks should rest since he's been pushing himself ever since he got to the present timeline. Future Trunks then takes a nap, but has a nightmare about Black so he wakes up and checks on the progress of the Time Machine, and Bulma says she already has the fuel for the Time Machine, much to Future Trunks' surprise. He then goes outside where Piccolo and Krillin are cleaning up the mess from the battle and asks them where Gohan is, thinking maybe he should take Gohan to the future as well. Piccolo says that's a bad idea because Gohan is not as strong as he used to be, and told Future Trunks he "wasn't the same Gohan he knew".

    Future Trunks then visits Gohan during his conference, and they have ice cream together, while Future Trunks is somewhat shocked and slightly disappointed with Gohan's current power, and feels like he can't recognize him at all. Gohan invites him to meet his family, and they travel to Gohan's house, where Future Trunks meets Videl, Mr. Satan and Gohan's daughter, Pan. While Future Trunks waits for Gohan to finish his work, and Videl to prepare dinner, he babysits Pan, and wonders why is he there doing nothing, and Pan begins a tug-of-war with Trunks over his sword, until Gohan arrives to stop Pan. Future Trunks and Gohan then go outside with Pan, and they begin to talk about how Gohan should be stricter with Pan, but can't help himself as he gets "soft" whenever he looks at her. After Future Trunks sees Gohan playing with Pan, he has a vision of how his future would've been if Black hadn't shown up, and realizes the reason why he has to fight Black; in order to allow the people of his future to live happily like Gohan and his family, and is finally able to lighten up after the traumatic events he witnessed. Upon arrival back at Capsule Corp Trunks bumps into Krillin and talks for awhile and Krillin wants to introduce Trunks to his wife and kid to which Trunks is excited to mert. Upon seeing 18 Trunks prepares to draw his sword but Krillin stops him and says that 18 is his wife, much to Trunks shock and 18 reveals she even has a kid with Krillin which shocks Trunks more. After clearing things up with Trunks 18 rejoins Krillin and there daughter.

    The next day Vegeta takes Trunks to the forest to train and Trunks powers up to Super Saiyan 2 and wants Vegeta to go Super Saiyan 3 like Goku. Vegeta only laughs and goes Super Saiyan Blue, which confuses Trunks initially but Trunks is quickly able to figure out what Super Saiyan Blue is and also figures out Goku can do this form as well and believes that Black can easily be stopped if Goku and Vegeta fight him together as Super Saiyan Blue's. Vegeta begins to mock Trunks and says let's make it a game and Vegeta says if Trunks can hit him once Vegeta will forfeit the match to Trunks. Trunks responds by transforming into Super Saiyan Third Grade while Super Saiyan 2 for a massive power boost which Vegeta mocks and calls a primitive transformation and charges Trunks rapidly moving around him trying to confuse him. However Trunks is able to follow his father and at the last moment power back down to Super Saiyan 2 and counter attacks and begins to actually push back Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta with Vegeta realizing Trunks lured him in with the form. Vegeta is quickly able to regain the upper hand and begins to attack, with Trunks able to hold his own for a time but is eventually kicked through the forest and into a cliff as Goku and Bulma arrive via Instant Transmission. Trunks appears to have been beaten and power back down to base form, with Vegeta lifts Trunks by his shirt and begins mocking Trunks more and telling him that his goal should be to become the strongest in the universe and not just beat Black. Bulma attempts to move in to stop Vegeta but Goku stops her and says it's not over yet. Vegeta lowers his guard thinking he has won but Trunks springs to life and reveals he isn't hurt at all and headbutts Vegeta to the ground. Trunks begins to laugh at Vegeta and proclaim his victory over him and offers to help him up but Vegeta refuses and storms off. Trunks bows to his father and vows once again to not only defeat Black but to surpass him.

    After the Time Machine is repaired, Trunks, Vegeta, and Goku head to the future. Upon arriving, Future Trunks finds Future Mai's hat and Goku is accidentally shot at by the resistance, mistaking him for Black. Trunks tells them that Goku and Black aren't the same, and they tell him that Future Mai survived the attack from Black. They then meet the rest of the resistance as well as refugees that have survived Black's continuous assault. Afterwards, the Saiyans begin their search for Black.


    Future Trunks wielding his Sword
    Future Trunks wielding his Sword

    Sword: Trunks has a sword which he is very skilled with and without. With his sword Trunks has killed Mecha Frezia. Trunk's sword was forged by a master swordsmith. Trunk's sword is eventualy destroyed in an intense battle. However, in Super he now has a new sword that is different from his first one. The new long-sword weapon has an olive-green leather hilt with a silver hand-guard with the ends curving upwards. The scabbard is red, and the strap that goes across the chest is the same olive-green color as the hilt.

    Senzu Beans: Trunks uses Senzu Beans to heal any and all physical injurys even if they are fatal. A Senzu Bean has been usesed to heal Goku from a fatal attack after he was shot through the heart by a laser blaster.


    Burning Attack: This is Trunks signature move Trunks moves he does a series of fast arm movements then places his hands toghther and fires a giant ki blast that looks like a fireball it expoldes on impact.

    God Breaker: A giant yellow ki wave that Trunks uses to kill King Cold.

    Super Buster Canon: The move Trunks uses against Vegeta to stop him from helping Cell reach his perfect form by absorbing Android 18. Trunks charges up a giant ball of energy in his hands and fires a laser beam from this ball.

    Burning Slash: Trunks fires a Burning Attack slow enough so the enemy will dodge by flying up then Trunks appears slashing the enemy into tiny pices before shoting them with a ki blast to incinerating them. Trunks used this move to kill Mecha Frezia.

    Heat Dome Attack: Trunks surrounds himself in a dome of ki energy and blasts the opponent with a fiery attack. This attack incinerates most enemies like Cell when he was killed while charging a kamehamaha blast.

    Masenko: Due to being trained by Future Gohan, Trunks is able to use the Masenko as a move. He lifts his arms up, powers a yellow blast, and fires it at his opponent. He used this technique in his fight with Broly and at Super against Goku Black.

    Change The Future: Trunks dashes towards his opponent and destroys them with a powerful blast with quick speed. He used this attack to destroy 18.

    Powers and Abilities

    Superhuman Strength: Trunks' Saiyan/Hybrid physiology grants him greater superhuman physical strength than the average Saiyan. Trunks has several notable feats of physical strength such as overpowering and overwhelming Android 17 and Android 18, effortlessly stopping a car with his leg as a child, shattering mountain-like rock formations with his fists, physically overpowering beings more powerful than a Super Saiyan and easily overwhelming Imperfect Cell with physical strength alone, he has been seen easily lifting Frieza's Supernova energy ball which is a very heavy and dense ball of energy with enough mass to destroy a planet with a single arm showing no sign of physical effort. In Super, Future Trunks became much stronger thanks to his continuous training ad was able to defeat Dabura as a Super Saiyan, whose power was said to be even greater than Super Perfect Cell. In his Super Saiyan form, Trunks is able to knock back Goku Black and hold his own against him for some time. Also, Super Saiyan 2 Future Trunks was shown to fight on par with Super Saiyan 2 Goku. As a Super Saiyan, Trunks can lift in the excess of 40 tons as Super Saiyan Goku was able to move at lightning fast speeds with 40 tons of weight attached to his body and in his Ascended Super Saiyan and Ultra Super Saiyan form he is able to lift far in the excess of 100 tons making him one of the physically strongest Saiyans ever mentioned and seen in all of Dragon Ball Z. As a Super Saiyan Trunks killed King Cold who was stronger than Mecha Frezia in hand to hand combat (no sword).

    Superhuman Speed: Like all Saiyans, Trunks' superhuman physiology grants him great superhuman speed. Trunks thinks, reacts and moves at superhuman speeds. Trunks has easily dodged high caliber bullets being fired by a machine gun, Trunks is able to conduct complicated plans in seconds or minutes and is able to analyze complicated puzzles and knows how to build and use advanced futuristic machinery and devices. Through intense physical training Trunks is able to further increase his speed and is functionally able to fly in the excess of the speed of sound which is roughly 770 mph however it should be noted that when Trunks trasnforms into an Ascended Super Saiyan his speed increases. As an Ultra Super Saiyan his speed is greatly decreased and sacrificed so that he may increase his physical power. Trunks is able to dodge lightning fast attacks that cannot be seen by the human eye. As a Super Saiyan 2, Trunks increases his speed even further than ever before.

    Superhuman Durability: Trunks is a a half Saiyan/half Human hybrid which grants him great durability, greater than that of regular Saiyans. Trunks' body like all Saiyans' bodies is composed of super-dense tissue and is able to withstand high caliber bullets without sustaining physical damage, as a teenager he was able to withstand blows from the Androids, Trunks is able to withstand falls from high altitudes and being smashed through hard rocky formations without sustaining any visible physical damage and he is able to survive extremely powerful energy blasts and energy waves without sustaining any visible physical damage.

    Energy Manipulation: Trunks has the natural ability that all Saiyans have to manipulate energy for various purposes such as energy blasts, energy balls, energy waves, energy shields, energy bolts, explosive energy waves etc. Trunks has been shown creating colossal energy blasts that overwhelm the likes of the Androids and even Perfect Cell and was able to effortlessly incinerate Imperfect Cell with a colossal energy blast. Trunks' most powerful blast is the energy blast he performs during his Shining Sword attack and his most powerful and colossal energy blast is the blast he performs during his Heat Dome attack that easily incinerated Imperfect Cell. Trunks can also create and generate incredibly powerful and colossal energy balls such as his Burning Attack energy ball and his Buster Cannon energy ball which both can destroy the planets. Trunks can also launch a scattered array of energy bolts at his opponents and can manipulate energy to create strong energy shields to protect him from powerful attacks. Trunks commonly manipulates ki energy and can gather the ki energy from his environment and use it to enhance and or increase and or augment his power, when he begins gathering energy a flame-like aura of any color forms around his body and it begins to rapidly shift as he increases his power. Trunks can channel ki energy through his body to enhance or increase his physical power and can also concentrate ki energy into single areas of his body such as fists to deliver more powerful and harder punches and this attack is called an "Energy-Enhanced Strike".

    Energy Constructs: Trunks is able to manipulate energy to create solid energy constructs that are extremely hard and can be used to deliver immensely powerful blows that unleash great concussive force.

    Ki Sense: Trunks is able to sense the ki energy of other beings and follow the energy trail the ki energy of the being leaves behind and uses this ability to locate other beings or sense their presence. Trunks can also sense the remnants of energy signatures and is still able to follow the energy signature left behind by the remnants of the ki energy.

    Superhuman Intelligence: Trunks is superhumanly intelligent and can conduct complicated plans and analyze the most complicated of puzzles and problems in a matter of seconds. Trunks' mind work quick enough that he is able to build or repair advanced machinery and futuristic devices in moments.

    Superhuman Agility: Trunks' body is physiologically superhuman which grants him superhuman agility, bodily coordination and balance. Trunks is capable of performing complicated acrobatic movements that are almost circus-level, his agility is so great that with he's speed he is able to dodge lightning fast attacks.

    Superhuman Stamina: Trunks' Saiyan/Human hybrid physiology makes his body superhuman and produces less fatigue poisons than any human in the universe. Trunks is able to engage in intense physical activity for weeks before his body's production of fatigue toxins in his blood begins and impales his body tiring him.

    Unarmed Combat: Trunks was trained by Future Gohan who was a stern and complete warrior. Trunks is a master in certain martial arts styles and has combined his hand to hand combat experience and knowledge to create his own unique fighting style and martial arts. Trunks is also a very serious warrior and is a tactical and strategic genius. Trunks is an incredible martial artist. Trunks killed King Cold in Super Saiyan form in hand to hand combat without the use of his sword.

    Swordsmanship: Trunks is a master swordsman and has been able to defeat Mecha Frieza with a combination of his strength and swordsmanship skill and Ki blast attacks. Trunks fights fluidly with his sword and performs great swift maneuvers. Trunks however lost the use of his sword after it was broken during an intense battle, but carries a new one in Dragon Ball Super.

    Flight: Trunks is naturally able to fly as it is a natural Saiyan ability. Trunks has complete mastery over his flight as he is able to hover, levitate, move swiftly and spin fluidly while maintaining balance and altitude, he is able to fight perfectly while airborne and can fly at incredible speeds. Trunks is able to fly at high atmospheric pressures and harsh and intense environments and temperatures.


    Super Saiyan:

    No Caption Provided

    Trunks is able to transform into a Super Saiyan. Trunks first transformed into this form after witnessing his master Gohan's death at the hands of the Androids which caused his rage to surface. When Trunks transforms into a Super Saiyan his appearance changes dramatically as his eyes turn into a bright emerald green color, his hair turns golden and stands on end, becomes sraighter and spikier and longer, his skin tone becomes lighter, his facial expression sharpens, he becomes slightly more muscular and a flame-like golden aura is formed around his body. Trunks' power increases dramatically and his power increases 50x his normal power level and his speed is also greatly increased however even with the immense increase in power he stills maintains his sincere and serious demeanor. After entering The Hyberbolic Time Chamber a second time Trunks mastered the Super Saiyan form making him a Full Powered Super Saiyan. As a Full Powered Super Saiyan Trunk's hair is a lighter gold he has no gold aura unless he powers up. As a Full Powered Super Saiyan Trunks is stronger than both Android 17 and Android 18 as he easily kills them both after returning to his own time. He then goes on to kill imperfect Cell. Trunks also masters this form as a kid. As a Super Saiyan Trunks is said to be less powerful than Vegeta but it's later revealed that he was holding back and is more powerful than Vegeta as a Super Saiyan.

    Super Saiyan 2nd Grade:

    No Caption Provided

    Trunks achieved this form after he and Vegeta suffered defeat at the hands of Android 17 and Android 18 the two underwent intense training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In this form Trunks' power and speed are greatly elevated and his physical strength is greatly increased. Trunks' appearance changes slightly, his muscles swell causing his body to become several times his size and his muscles increase greatly and he becomes bulkier, his hair grows slightly longer and becomes spikier and sharper he has only one bang not his regular like Super Saiyan and his skin tone becomes slightly lighter. Trunks doesn't have this form as a kid.

    Ultra Super Saiyan:

    No Caption Provided

    This form is Trunks' most powerful form as a Super Saiyan. This is another form achieved by Trunks during his training session with Vegeta in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In this form Trunks' muscles become abnormally large and swell even more than in his Super Saiyan 2nd Grade form, he becomes bigger in size due to immense muscle mass increase, his hair become slightly longer and spikier from his previous form and his aura becomes spikier. In this form Trunks is at his most powerful and physically strongest however this form has great lack of speed and mobility giving Trunks a great disadvantage in battle as this form requires too much time in ki and energy consumption and cannot maintain this form for long periods due to that fact. In this form he was vastly physically stronger than Perfect Cell but lost because of extreme lack of speed. Trunks doesn't have this form as a kid.

    Super Saiyan 2:

    No Caption Provided

    While Future Trunks is first seen with this transformation in video-games, it is confirmed in Dragon Ball Super anime that he is able to transform into it. Future Trunks uses this transformation for a brief moment during his spar with Goku after arriving in the present timeline, although it is not known when he achieved it. In video-games, Future Trunks' hair is spikier and straighter up, however in the anime, his hair retains the same overall style though slightly spikier and losing the thin bangs of hair close to his forehead, though this could be an animation mistake and may be fixed in the DVD Release of Dragon Ball Super.

    Super Saiyan 2 Third Grade:

    No Caption Provided

    This form, identical to Ultra Super Saiyan though as a Super Saiyan 2, makes a brief appearance in Dragon Ball Super, used by Future Trunks in his sparring match with Vegeta. Vegeta gets disappointed to see Future Trunks still relying on the form, calling it primitive, but is surprised and realizes that Future Trunks only pretended to use the form in order to trick Vegeta to attack and catch him off-guard, re-assuming his Super Saiyan 2 form afterwards.

    Super Saiyan Anger (Super Saiyan Rage):

    No Caption Provided

    Is an extremely powerful form attained by Trunks when he is incredibly angry. In this form, Trunks hair becomes much spikier and his eyes turn plain white temporary. He gains a yellow aura around with a blue glow. He also gains electricity around his body. His power skyrockets to high levels, being able to fight with Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black and Zamasu at the same time and he was able to destroy Fusion Zamasu using this form.


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