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 Trula is a student of the behavioral sciences and has picked Judgead as a test subject. In her debute storyline (a three-parter), Trula observed his daily behavior and personality traits. being able to deduce the motives behind them. She then manipulated his behavior to the point of him falling for her. Once the boys of Riverdale High figured that Trula could even charm the misogynist Jughead, they became fascinated with her. Instantly making her the most popular girl in school. Which was her motivation all along. 
Intended at first as a one-shot character, Trula returned several times. Messing with Jughead's mind and trying various reprogramming experiments. Including him giving up junk food or being ubable to speak any language but French.  Verging on her having mind-control abilities. Jughead tries to fight back at various points. There are more than a few hints of genuine attraction and the two have shared kisses at various points. At least one story had Trula worrying that Jughead is obsessed with her.

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