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    A villain who opposed the Green Lantern Corps alongside Doctor Polaris. He has the ability to generate a great amount of momentum to plow over his foes.

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    Truk was created by Steve Englehart and first appeared in Green Lantern #202 - Turf!

    Major Story Arcs


    Truk was one of the several villains working alongside Doctor Polaris against the Green Lantern Corps. A secret weapon, Truk was used to combat John Stewart, and did so successfully, badly injuring him to the point where he needed to be escorted away by other members of the Corps and was put on life support.

    It was later revealed that Truk was a disguise being used by Doctor Ub'x who wanted to help Doctor Polaris and his group of villains destroy the Green Lanterns.


    Truk wears a large battle suit that resembles that of a semi-truck. From inside the suit he appears to be a normal human being; however, his legs are massive, larger than the rest of his body, quite possibly due to his power(s) and abilities.

    Powers & Abilities

    • Superhuman Strength - Truk has a degree of superhuman strength that allowed him to break through John Stewart's lantern constructs and injure him to the point of requiring life support.
    • Superhuman Speed - Truk generates momentum with each step he takes, starting off rather slow he can quickly build massive amounts of speed to become an unstoppable object.

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