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Reprinting Fantastic Four (1961) #112 - "Battle of the Behemoths"!

This is one comic that doesn't need a hard-sell! The Hulk battles the Thing to the finish- and we mean the finish. It's a mind-boggling battle too!

The Thing and The Hulk duke it out in the city, oblivious to their surroundings and causing danger to everyone around.

Despite the fact that Johnny had just been fighting with Ben himself, he knows that The Thing is no match for the Hulk, and is desperate for Reed to come down and help Ben out. Reed, however, knows that this isn't just about the Thing fighting the Hulk- it's about Ben's changed personality, and he knows he must create an antidote for Ben or they would be back at square one even if they were to stop the Hulk.

Meanwhile, Alicia has heard the commotion, and, worried for Ben, has come to the scene of the fight. The Thing and the Hulk have squared off and things seem pretty evenly matched, but when Ben hears Alicia cry out, he turns his head at the wrong moment, and the Hulk delivers a fatal blow.


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