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Troy is the member of a study group at Greendale Community College.


Drawn by Jim Mahfood. Writing credit is given to Troy Barnes, a fictional character from the TV show. It's actually the writing of show creator Dan Harmon.

Major Story Arcs

His first foray into the hero business comes when Snake Men zap three of his group members into the Phantom Zone and then kidnap the pretty girl members, Annie and Britta. It is not known why Troy and his best friend Abed are spared, but they know exactly what action needs to be taken: call in Kickpuncher via a red button they built in Dean Pelton's office.. Using super intelligence, Troy directs his team to Cairo, Egypt: "Because that's where snakes evolved." Finding the Snake Men, Kickpuncher goes to action while Troy and Abed watch in awe. After the Snake Men are defeated, a newly in love Britta and Annie propose that the four friends should live in the pyramids together. Agreeing, Troy and Abed celebrate with a high five.

Powers and Abilities

Troy possesses super intelligence.

Other Media


Donald Glover as Kickpuncher
Donald Glover as Kickpuncher

Admittedly, Troy's character is based on his TV persona from the NBC show "Community," acted by Donald Glover. Troy was a fan of Kickpuncher (a fictional movie) in the episode "Romantic Expressionism" from season one. He and Abed even acted out the character during the credits. The TV character shouldn't be used to define the comic character, but it is obvious that there is a context that can be gained from watching the show and reading the comic and comparing both Troys.


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