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Troubleshooter is an agent of a secret criminal organization called the Corporation. Dr. Karl Malus would grant powers to James Lucas to create a flaming plasma form called Coldfire with his mind. Troubleshooter and another agent named Contract would test out Coldfire's abilities inside their training room. Coldfire passed with flying colors when he evaded Contract's psycho-bands and Troubleshooter's energy blasts. Troubleshooter and Contract would come into conflict with Luke Cage and Dakota North when they infiltrate the Corporation's complex. Troubleshooter and the rest of the Corporation retreat when Coldfire turns against them and apparently sacrifices himself to save his brother and father.


Troubleshooter was created by Marc McLaurin and Scott Benefiel in 1993 and first appeared in Cage #13.

Powers & Abilities

Troubleshooter is a skilled agent and assassin with the ability to generate energy blasts from her hands.

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