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    A little girl who has had many adventures with her constant companion Cap'n Bill. She later moved to the Land of Oz where she became one of Dorothy Gale and Princess Ozma's best friends.

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    Mayre Griffiths was one of the protagonists of the Oz series of books. She was actually introduced in the unrelated novel "The Sea Fairies" (1911) but joined the Oz cast in "The Scarecrow of Oz" (1915). She was the third girl introduced after Dorothy Gale and Betsy Bobbin. She is reportedly two years younger than Betsy and a year younger than Dorothy.

    Trot is a little girl with big solemn eyes and an earnest, simple manner. Her real name is Mayre Griffiths. It was said that she had been marked on the forehead at birth by fairies with their invisible mystic signs. Her father, Captain Charlie Griffiths, is almost always out to sea. She was raised in the Californian coast by Cap'n Bill, a retired sea captain who was a friend of her father. The two got caught in an adventure who landed them at Oz. Trot ceased aging at entry to Oz and maintains the appearance of a ten-year-old girl regardless of the time passing.

    She was the protagonist of "Kabumpo in Oz" (1922) and "The Giant Horse of Oz" (1928). Otherwise she serves as one of the companions of Ozma.


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