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    Captured by the Thunderbolts during a mission and showing attachment to Songbird, Troll is one of the youngest and primal of the latest Thunderbolts members.

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    Gunna is an Asgardian who's mother was an Asgardian and father was a Troll. Though her mother died, Gunna lived with a wild pack of Trolls and was one day captured by the people of Asgard. Unable to integrate her into civilized life, she was kept in a jail cell with the rest of the Trolls until recently, when Asgard crashed to the ground.


    Troll is the product of writer Jeff Parker and artist Kevin Walker and first appeared in Thunderbolts #145 (2010).

    Major Story Arcs

    Heroic Age


    During Luke Cage's Thunderbolts first mission, they run into Gunna, attacking and disabling Ghost's suit with her ax. Crossbones is able to subdue her with a tranquilizer in the head. She is brought back to the Raft unconscious, with U.S. Agent, the current warden of the Raft, and Valkyrie arguing over where she should be detained. Luke Cage tells them both to let Steve Rogers decide what they should do with her, which they both agree upon. Songbird, being the head of the female ward of the Raft, is supposed to orientate her.

    During a riot in the prison, in which the power was knocked out, Songbird is being assaulted by the female prisoners. Gunna, after bending the bars of her cage, runs out to save her while speaking in broken English. When Moonstone, who earlier just left Songbird to be beaten to death, runs out and claims to save the day, Songbird points out that she did nothing while Gunna saved the day. Songbird also refers to her as Troll in that moment.

    While in the cafeteria, the other female prisoners criticize her eating habits and describe her like an unbroken house pet. When they jokingly ask if she was a cannibal, she shocks the prisoners with a deadpan "Aye." Thor visits Troll on the Raft and tells the girl how she can be accepted back into the Asgardian lifestyle. Gunna bites his hand in spite and says she is not an Asgardian. After a short conflict with some male prisoners, Warden Walker and a female discusses how the Raft was no environment for Gunna and that they should discuss with the Thunderbolts what to do with her.

    Fear Itself

    She is currently one of the members of the Beta team of the Thunderbolts, led by Songbird. She wears an outfit similar to her debut one, and fights with a battle ax. She shows loyalty to the team, saving Boomerang from being eaten by zombies. Back when at the Raft, when the place was blown apart from Worthy Juggernaut's attack, she was fishing people out of the ocean, and was "enjoying herself." She was then used as reinforcements to help fight invading bio monsters in Chicago, using tactics like eating the enemy. She also pointed out the Thunderbolts tower as it was disappearing.

    Golden Aged Thunderbolts

    Troll as well as the rest of the escaped Thunderbolts ended up in WW2 era through time travel. She promptly goes hunting. After a brief skirmish with some Nazi's, she starts to hang out with Mr. Hyde. Troll's war ax is also a pivotal tool for the Thunderbolts in the present trying to track her through time.



    Offical outfit
    Offical outfit

    Troll has shown super strength when she bended jail bars with her bare hands. She is capable of wielding a battle ax which is heavy to most men.


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