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    Troll is one of Deathwatch's assistants, a member of the Deathspawn.

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    Once an ordinary man, Troll was given mystical abilities by Deathwatch. He, along with his associate Hag, have an unyielding appetite for the lifeforce of human beings.

    Deathwatch first called upon Troll and Hag to aid him in his battle against Ghost Rider. Though Deathwatch did not survive the encounter, Troll and Hag did, and they worked their best to return him to the Deathspawn and bring him back to life.

    While working to restore Deathwatch's life, Troll and Hag were confronted by Venom, who witnessed the pair feasting on the innocent. They later battled Ghost Rider again, along with Johnny Blaze and Spider-Man. Troll and Hag also attempted to feed Spider-Man's enemies Hobgoblin, Demogoblin, and Doppleganger to the Deathspawn in order to bring Deathwatch back to life. They were eventually defeated and given over to Doctor Strange. However this plan was shattered when Centurious attacked the Spirits of Vengeance and kidnapped Hag and Troll. Deathwatch was altered by Carver, but it is not known what happened to Hag and Troll.

    Troll seemed to be the more sensible member of the pair, while Hag allowed her hunger for human energy to get the better of her on more than one occasion.


    Troll is able to elongate his arm into a tentacle-like appendage, which he uses to absorb the lifeforce from his victims, or burns them.


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