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    Character » Trixie Collins appears in 29 issues.

    Trixie Collins is the secretary for Goldstar the company Booster Gold owned when he first came to Metropolis. She tried to get him on the Justice League of America.

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    Trixie Collins was a sweet and kind young woman who works in the big city of Metropolis for Goldstar Inc and later Booster Gold International. Gold Star Inc was the first company Booster Gold started when he arrived from the future. Trixie really cares about Booster and thinks about him a lot. She often wondered were he came from and what made him tick. She was real concerned about not even knowing his name. She would get jealous of other woman that Booster would show any affection for. As time went by Trixie is able to learn information from Booster about his life. Booster reveals that his real name is Michael Jon Carter and that he was nothing more than a gambler and thief from the future who is trying to do something good.  She eventually realizes that he is not some noble perfect archetype, but a man with the same frailties as everyone else.


     Trixie as Goldstar
     Trixie as Goldstar

    Trixie gets her taste of being a superhero when she is kidnapped by the 1000. She is held captive to provide information on Booster Gold. Booster saves her but must give her his flight ring so she can save the young girl she is with and so booster can save who he thought at the time was another captive. Booster is severely wounded in this rescue attempt and put into a hospital. It is not long before the hospital is assented upon by an anti-superhero mob. The mob eventually become so unruly that they break into Booster's room and attempt to kill Booster. Trixie then gets the Goldstar costume and saves him at the last second. Afterwords she, Booster, Jack Soo, and Rip Hunter all go to the future to save Booster from a mutated virus and to find technology to save Skeets and power up Booster's uniform. This adventure takes several days or years if you count the time travel

    but when they finally get back Trixie decides that she doesn't want to have anything to do with being a superhero. This may have something to do with the death of Animal. She saw Animal get shot in the back when he helped send her back to her own time.

    Personal Data

    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Red
    First Appearance: (as Trixie) Booster Gold #1, (as Goldstar) Booster Gold #13

    Goldstar Power Suit

    The Goldstar Suit grants the user ferokinetic abilities.  As Goldstar Theresa could: fly by magnetic power and move metallic objects. She can create Magnetic Force Fields and  fire beams of magnetism that have been shown to damage Skeets. 


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