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Triumph Division

 The Triumph Division is a group of Filipino superheroes; its members inherit their code names through their family generations. Since birth, they have been trained to become the next line of superheroes for their country.  
One of its generation died from a suicide bombing attack from Buddhist monks during a ceremonial recognition after defending the Philippines from a tsunami. This attack was ordered under the leadership of Ezekiel Stane. After the catastrophe, Iron Man, as director of SHIELD, along with Thor, visited the funeral of its members to pay their respects. A few days after the incident, Iron Man visited the new line up of the Triumph Division, familial predecessors of those who died in the attack. After meeting the new group, they reminded him of the early days of the Avengers, and he stated that the Philippines is in great hands.
Their base of operations is near Manila, in the Triumph Hall (modeled after an actual church in Quezon City). 


Triumph Division was created by Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca in 2008 and first appeared in Invincible Iron Man # 2.  



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