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Tris Plover as Robin
Tris Plover as Robin

Tris Plover is the Robin from the Elseworlds story "Legends of a Dead Earth: The Iron Sky".

For others who've taken on the mantle of Robin:


In a future where the Earth had died and humans fled on massive spaceships trying to find worlds to inhabit, Tris Plover was a farm worker on a ship that had gotten so far off course that the ship was running out resources.

Once a person reached certain age, they were to participate in the "Giving" where they would be killed and they bodies converted into nutrient to keep the crops in the artificial farms alive. However one guard had escaped the giving and inspired by legends of the past, became the Batman, and fought to correct the ships path (as the council firmly believed that they were on the correct path to a new Earth).

Tris found herself more and more unhappy with her life and was enthralled with the rebellious Batman. During one of Batman's fights with the robotic enforcers known as the Jokers, Tris escaped from her duties and hid in the forbidden section of the ship. As she explored she nearly fell to her death but was rescued by Batman. He took her to his secret lair and told her that the ship was horribly off course but he had found away to get to the ships sentient computers and correct it. Tris joined him as his new Robin.

As they attempted to reach the ship computer Batman was killed by the guards but Robin made it into the computer bay. There she was able to use the navigation systems to find a suitable planet before she was captured and forced to kill herself in the giving. But 300 years later the ship arrived on a lush new world that honored the sacrifice of Batman and Robin.

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