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    Triphammer is a superhero, analogous to Iron Man, and recurring character in the Powers series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

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    A brilliant inventor, Harley Cohen developed technology that allowed him to become the armored superhero known as Triphammer. 


    Triphammer was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming as one of the many superheroes populating the world of their creator-owned series Powers. He appeared in the series opening story arc as a rather obvious analogue of Iron Man

    Character Evolution 

    While most superheroes created for Powers tend to be short-lived creations appearing only in single story arcs, Triphammer was one of the few to become a recurring character and one of the most prominent superhero characters in the series. 

    Major Story Arcs 


    Old friends
    Old friends
    During his time working in an unnamed superhero group with the likes of Diamond, Retro Girl and Zora, Triphammer invented the prototype for the power drainer, which became be a revolutionary device for law enforcement to deal with powered criminals as it became a regular feature of prisons and interrogation rooms. However, this prototype was destroyed in a fight between Diamond and Diamond's ancient enemy Wolfe. The resulting explosion saw Diamond permanently stripped of his powers. 
    Triphammer was apparently able to reconstruct the power drainer and license it to the law enforcement community. 

    Who Killed Retro Girl? 

    Years later, Retro Girl was murdered. Red metal paint found under her fingernails led police to question Triphammer, but it was not just any police. The detective who came to question him was Christian Walker, formerly the superhero Diamond. Triphammer admitted to a sexual relationship with Retro Girl that ended months earlier and was annoyed that Walker and the police were wasting their time questioning him. 
    When Walker apprehended the man responsible for Retro Girl's death, it turned out to be just some deluded fan who managed to cobble together a power drainer. He wanted to preserve Retro Girl before society ruined her and wanted to be a part of her life, even if that meant killing her. Rather than allow the man to stand trial and be remembered for what he did, Triphammer stormed the police station and executed him in cold blood. He then went fugitive and disappeared from the eyes of the law. 

    Super Group 

    Triphammer later reappeared after Zora had died and Walker's life was in ruins after he went on television to expose the federal government's attempt to cover up the situation that had gotten Zora killed. He surprised Walker at the grave site for both Retro Girl and Zora, looking different due the plastic surgery he had undergone in order to not be recognized by the public or law. He revealed that he had been visiting Retro Girl's memorial regularly to clean the graffiti off of it and said that he would give Walker money to cover all of the lawsuits and then some. Walker tried to refuse it, but Triphammer was adamant. They were all almost family once, and that family kept getting smaller. 

    The 25 Coolest Dead Super-Heroes of All Time 

    Looking for his daughter
    Looking for his daughter
    When a powers-related virus was wreaking havoc and leading to the deaths of many teenage girls, Triphammer came out of hiding. One of his own daughters had gone missing. He came to Walker for help, and tragically, they found his daughter among the insane number of bodies stored in their morgue. 
    It was then Triphammer who developed the cure for the powers virus and administered it just in time to save the life of Walker's former partner, Deena Pilgrim. His cure was quickly rushed out to the public, bringing the epidemic to an end. This act led to Triphammer being largely forgiven for his murder of Retro Girl's killer ten years earlier. 

    Other Media 

    Powers (tv series) 

    Titus Welliver has been cast to play Triphammer in the Powers television series being developed for FX.

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