Trinity War Preludes?

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So I'm trying to keep up with all of the seeds leading up to the Trinity War event mostly because the Question is my all time favorite character and he's gonna be a big player. I've already collected Justice League International Annual 1 and Justice League 7-13 and will eventually get 14 and I have Phantom Stranger 0-1 and eventually 2. My question is whether anyone knows if the next arc in Justice League Throne of Atlantis will be leading up to Trinity War. I think it will just because it's previewed at the end of Justice League 12 but I just want to make sure. Also I want to know if I should be getting the next two issues of Phantom Stranger. I don't think 3 will have anything to do with Trinity War but some people think 4 will be preluding since it involves the Justice League Dark trying to recruit Phantom Stranger. Any help would be great. Also if anyone knows of any comics I haven't mentioned that I should pick up.

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Yeah, Throne of Atlantis probably has something to do with Trinity War.

I'm guessing Justice League of America will be important too.

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stormwatch will play some part as well as justice league dark

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The Teen Titans will be playing a major role because Trigon is somehow tied into the Trinity something Red Robin said in Teen Titans 14 and that Wonder Girls armor is link to Trigon, this also means the Ravagers and Beast Boy will be playing a role in the Trinity after their run in with Brother Blood and his cult after Ravagers 3 and 4.

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@SmashBrawler said:

Yeah, Throne of Atlantis probably has something to do with Trinity War.

I'm guessing Justice League of America will be important too.


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in a recent interview with johns that i read,he said that the JL will soon be dealing with JLA which shows that the two will definitely be involved in the trinity for the teen titans,my guess is they might be trying to give a reason for characters to be involved on the X-over rather than people randomly popping up...we might see more of the characters either being involved with the JLs or somehow connected to the overall story in the future..

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I say Throne of Atlantis...

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