Trinity of Sin

    Team » Trinity of Sin appears in 28 issues.

    Three mortals deemed the ultimate sinners by the Council of Eternity, cursed with immortality and doomed to wander the Earth as punishment for their crimes.

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    The Trinity of Sin was created by the Circle of Eternity, who brought together three sinners, who they deemed the worst in the world, for punishment. The Phantom Stranger pled for forgiveness, but was sentenced to wander the Earth as a stranger to man, with the symbols of his betrayal forever hung around his neck. The Question defied the wizards to the last and swore to return to power again, but had his memory and his face stripped away, and was doomed to be forever uncertain of his own identity. Pandora, the mother of monsters, was penitent, but nonetheless sentenced to roam the Earth, constantly aware of all the pain and horror she had unleashed on the world. Thus was the Trinity of Sin created.


    The Trinity of Sin was created by Geoff Johns. They made their first appearance in The New 52 FCBD Special Edition #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    Trinity War

    Though the members of the Trinity have scattered themselves, and indeed loathe and actively avoid one another, they are drawn together by Pandora's efforts to reopen her Box. Each member of the team allies themselves with a different faction in the war, and attempts to manoeuvre events to suit their own agendas. Phantom Stranger is erased from existence after attempting to return Dr Light from Heaven, but Pandora and Question come together in Hephaestus' temple at Athens where the war between the Leagues come to a head. They are scattered by the arrival of the Crime Syndicate.

    Forever Evil

    The members of the Trinity are forcibly called together by John Constantine, Swamp Thing, and Nightmare Nurse, who seek to use their power to destroy the blight that has covered the world since the Crime Syndicate's arrival. The members of the Trinity manage to escape their bonds, and Question vanishes before Constantine can request his help. The remaining two members agree to assist, and work with the members of the Justice League Dark to fight against Blight, and later in the battle against Felix Faust's and Nick Necro's Thaumaton.

    The Wages of Sin

    Each member of the team is individually attacked by agents of Nimraa, the last surviving member of the dead Dark Earth. They evade their assailants by drawing on each others' powers, but Question refuses to join the group, and Phantom Stranger and Pandora are captured. Soon Question is also drawn in, and Nimraa performs a ritual in which she metaphorically bleeds them of their sins, allowing her to draw the Dark Earth back into reality. The group members are each imprisoned and tormented before Pandora is able to recall her identity and free them. Together the group travels through the Dark Earth seeking the Redemption Box. They locate it, but are betrayed by the broken Question before they can enter the cave. Under attack by Nimraa and her minions, the other two drag Question along with them, and they are absorbed into the Redemption Box. There, the three are crucified and held for some time until Question is able to use his inherent doubt to free the others. They decide to leave the Redemption Box to save the world. They confront Nimraa and her queen, Venna, who crushes the Box in contempt. This imbues the group members with the box's power. Together, they absorb the darkness and sin of Dark Earth into themselves, restoring the true Earth. Question attacks the other two, taking on their share of Dark Earth, and vanishes.


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