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The lead feature explores the unusual bond-and importance-of DC's top three characters, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, as a mysterious dream links them together and may prophesy important changes in their trinity! Plus, a co-feature in issue #1 explores the mysterious connection between several villains who are watching the Trinity -as well as the near future for these characters and their surrounding world! Co-features in issues #2-4 fill in back-story on some of the other important players in this major storyline. These stories are written by Busiek & Fabian Nicieza with art by Scott McDaniel & Andy Owens (NIGHTWING, GREEN ARROW), Tom Derenick & Wayne Faucher and Mike Norton & Jerry Ordway (ALL-NEW ATOM, INFINITE CRISIS).

"Caped Simioid Thinks So, Hm?" - The Justice League continue to face off against Konvikt, drawing him away from populated areas and into the country. Meanwhile, Batman takes this opportunity to follow his trail back to the craft he arrived in.

"World-Something..." - Marguerita is still troubled by her dreams and her tarot-readings. She even is plagued in her dreams, including one dream featuring a battle between Despero and Kanjar Ro..


Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and some of the JLA continue to try to take down Konvikt and Graak. Superman recovers from Konvikt's punch last week and carries them high in the sky as he tells the others to save the city people. Graak reveals that he has some blasting power and knocks Superman back. He asks Konvikt to save them from their fall.

Morgaine and Enigma watch the events from her lair. She notes that Superman is the Savior in the Trinity while Wonder Woman gives others the Inspiration to do things. She wonders if Batman's role is to "scare the Hell out of people." Enigma laughs and says there is a lot more to Batman than she's seen. She then sees that Batman is running off while the heroes are still trying to stop Konvikt.

Out in the country Wonder Woman sees that Konvikt's body has transformed slightly and he appears to have gotten stronger. From behind her, what appears to be a blue-furred arm reaches out and presses a red globe against her shoulder blade. It burns and leaves a mark. Before she can fully react, Konvikt is on top of her. Superman arrives to join in the battle as they try to give Batman more time.

Batman has back-tracked Konvikt to his ship. He contacts Superman and says it appears to be an escape pod. He'll let him know if there's anything else there. In the shadows, Graak is waiting to blast Batman from behind.

In the back-up story...Tarot cannot resist the temptation of reading her own cards to see what the recent events meant. The first reveals she may have a connection to a higher power. The second says she has to use her powers for the world. The third card is Death. The death card usually means the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. She feels the power of the cards drawing her in. She doesn't understand how it's happening and after seeing a vision of the universe, she decides she needs sleep.

Tarot dreams of Despero attacking a world. He soon comes face to face with Kanjar Ro. They fight and Kanjar Ro soon takes off. He wonders why Despero is interested in an interspatial gateway. In her sleep, Tarot mumbles that Despero doesn't know why, he simply dreamed it and is drawn to it. Before she can see what lies on the other side of the gateway, she is woken up by her phone. It is Jose calling to say that he has not been able to find any information on the "Three Who Shall Rise" gang. He is worried though because the M.V.G. gang members that were killed (when chasing Tarot) had dealings with an older, more powerful gang. Picking up his Gangbuster helmut, he tells her that he's hoping things don't get worse for her with the gangs.



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