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Trinary is a hindu mutant, born in Delhi, India. She was saved by Jean Grey and the X-Men from a member of India's Mutant Defense Force, Lakshay Singh, who imprisoned her for being a mutant.

Major Story Arcs

Trinary's Rescue

Trinary is a technopath, meaning she can control machines and computers. She used her mutant powers to fight against "the man" in India, and instil equal pay among males and females. She was captured and imprisoned by Lakshay Singh, a member of India's Mutant Defense Force, informing her that they plan on using her and her powers to serve them. He tells her that it was her father that snitched on her.

Before Trinary's capture, she had sent a distress message to Jean Grey. Jean received this message once Trinary was imprisoned, and took her team of X-Men, Nightcrawler, X-23, and Honey Badger to Delhi in order to save and rescue Trinary. Jean found Lakshay Singh, and took control of his mind to find out where Trinary was imprisoned. But during the rescue mission, Jean realizes Lakshay's plans of bringing in a Sentinel. Trinary took control of the Sentinel and the X-Men were able to ride on it and head back to their sanctuary in Wakanda.


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