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The Best for Last

I feel like Jeff Lemire's Trillium has ranged from good to great through the first 7 issues but this finale is definitely a 5 star sendoff that successfully ties together the past, present and future of Nika, William and the entire human race.

This book definitely introduced a lot of interesting concepts and characters through it's short 8 issue run, some of which you almost wish they had more time to explore. This issue drops a bit of info about the Caul virus that has brought the future of humanity to the brink of extinction. That concept and the ultimately vague history of how it came to overrun the human race is something you can't help but wonder about as it looms over the entire story. If Lemire ever decides to further explore this universe, I'm totally there.

As much as this issue ties up the story's essential threads, it definitely leaves many questions intact in the very best spirit of sci-fi. Finally the way the characters have been built up to this finale really makes you empathize with and understand the deep connection they've been able to make though a very short period of direct contact. That connection with the characters and their story makes this particular ending so very powerful.

Full marks. This has been a really great sci-fi/ romance/ trip-out book that concludes this issue in stunning and satisfying fashion.

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