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The Good

As Trillium continues, our lovers meet one another, and we're treated to another entertaining and fascinating issue. Simialarly to the debut issue, we see two perspectives as Nina and William learn more about one another and their surroundings... while not uderstanding each other. This actually works rather well though as we see their relationship develop and having them quickly like each other or understand each other would've felt very perfunctory. Showing their conversation like this very natural and some interesting new threads in the plot unveil as their conversation per se continues. This all leads up to another shocking an unexpected ending that just left me wanting more, and you should, too.

The Bad

Some readers may not enjoy the slower pacing in this issue, since number 1 seemed packed with new details, characters, environments, and crazy (semmingly) unexplainable situations unfolding. Also, there was one panel in particular in which William's expression didn't exactly fit the story; instead of looking shocked, he looked like Nina had just said a normal thing to him. Lastly, why was William so suprised it was 1921?

The Verdict

All in all, Trillium continues to be an entertaing and enthralling ride. I'm definetly picking up issue 3 when it comes out, and anyone that doesn't is surely missing out on what may just be the greatest love story we've ever seen in a comic.


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