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Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder

Trillium is not a comic for the casual reader. Trillium is also probably not a good introduction to the world of deeper storytelling in comics. A lot of this is because of Jeff Lemire's artwork. I won't say it's bad, I'm not that shallow, but it's definitely no Jim Lee or Greg Capullo where it's obviously detailed and excellent. But close examination reveals the body proportions and details like hands are surprisingly skillfully portrayed, despite the initial sense of scribbly, loose, amateur art. Jeff Lemire has a very unique style that isn't super easy to get used to, but once you do, it's easy to lose yourself in the depth of the world built by the art.

A neat little gimmick of this issue is the two storylines presented back to back. No matter which cover you're looking at, you're technically seeing the front of the issue. AND, bonus, it doesn't truly matter which story you read first, despite them being labeled Chapter 1 and Chapter 1.2. Either way you lose yourself in one foreign world that suddenly whiplashes into something completely alien to the starting setting. I thought I'd find The Soldier's story a bit dull and predictable after reading The Scientist's superclassic heavy sci-fi tale; but The Soldier's life has all sorts of gripping aspects to it that balance out the intrigue of the intertwined tales.

In Conclusion: 4/5

I get, on a basic level how this is supposed to turn into a love story, but right now it isn't, and that's kind of the main thing keeping me from rating this as high as most. This issue was a little on the short side, but it definitely excelled in world building and plot building. The environment oozes captivation, and it's easy to lose yourself in either world of Trillium, but it's too early to declare it a full masterpiece. It's beautiful in a very unique and ephemeral way. It doesn't quite appear as such on the surface, but even skimming just below that reveals such pristine storytelling that'll make you forget what you thought you saw from the outside.

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