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    The Trigger Twins were two greedy look-a-likes who meet during a bank robbery. Little did they know there were two people like them during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. They are now members of the Black Lantern Corps.

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    Pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths

    Before the Crisis on Infinite Earths changed the DC Universe, there was a pair of twins named Wayne and Walt Trigger. Their story takes place in the Old West. During this time, Walt goes on a series of adventures and his twin brother, Wayne, would dress in similar clothing. Wayne even had a twin of his brother's horse and so would cover for him. They appeared in Weird Western Tales as Black Lanterns and were there during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

    Modern Trigger Twins

    After the First Crisis, two people Tad and Tom Trigger, who are unaware they are twins and had never met, decide to rob the same bank. They both see each others faces and are surprised that they look-a-like. They decide to team up and finish the robbery themselves. They later begin to work for a local numbers runner after he talks them into working for him. The duo then begins to kill the man's enemies.

    Their next appearance was in Gotham City which spelled bad luck for them because Azrael was filling in for Batman after Bane broke Batman's back and had upgraded the Bat Suit to shoot sharpened bat blades and mounted the gloves with razor sharp claws. The Twins started by robbing a train loaded with money but Azrael arrived and stopped them.

    Later, a blonde female criminal rescues them and claims that she is their sister and needs their help. This turns out to be a ruse so that she could pull a heist at a wild west Gotham City tourist attraction. Robin and the new Pow-Wow Smith and Nighthawk defeat them.

    Final Crisis and Beyond

    The Trigger Twins appear as one of the army of villains that attack Metropolis in the Battle of Metropolis. An army of superheroes come in and battles the army of villains. In the ensuing chaos, the Trigger Twins are shot and killed from a roof top by the new Vigilante and Wild Dog.

    The Blackest Night

    During The Blackest Night, the bodies of the Trigger Twins were raised by a pair of black power rings and became Black Lanterns.


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