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Wielded by Aquaman, The King of Atlantis in DC's Universe.

Powers and Characteristics

New Earth

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The Trident (granted by Poseidon to the rightful ruler and protector of the seas) was indestructible and a very powerful melee weapon (able to destroy the very powerful Imperiex Probes), which Aquaman wielded with unmatched skill. Apart from that the Trident had also the power to manipulate water, fire bolts of powerful energy and act as a focus to amplify the magical power of others (like most notably Tempest).

New 52

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The trident is a part of a set of The Seven Treasures of Atlantis. Seven mystical relics crafted and used by the former king of the seven seas Atlan. This Trident has no supernatural powers or mystical properties other than being a symbol of Atlantean royalty, giving the user unrestricted right and lordship over the various oceans of the world. Its edge is sharp enough to rend the hide of Darkseid as well as shatter mystical obstructions fabricated by Graves's apparitions. Aquaman found it also serves as an activator for a great many devices of Atlantean craft, particularly The Maelstrom transport system built by his predecessors which require a royal scepter to work.


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When the Crown of Thorns was erected by the treacherous Corum Rath; newly crowned king of Atlantis in wake of previous rulers dethroning. A rebel movement known as The Undercurrent was supported in secret by the Widowhood supported them from behind the scenes by getting the Trident back to Arthur, which he found was strengthened by the ambient mystical power in wake of Rath's untempered use of lost magics. Allowing Arthur to undo The Drift's magitek entrapment's, strengthen himself with the artifact in hand, temporarily fix Mera's breathing problem while in Atlantis. The trident itself could also discharge bolts of arcane energy with devastating effect.

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