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    Charles Bernard Barton (nicknamed Barney) is the older brother to Clint Barton. He was believed dead for many years, but recently returned and joined Norman Osborn's new Dark Avengers team.

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    Barney Barton was born in Waverly, Iowa where he lost his parents at a young age when his alcoholic father collided into a tree with his wife, Barney and his younger brother Clint Barton were sent to an orphanage where they stayed for six years before running away to join the Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonder as carnival hands. When the Swordsman who was one of the main stars of the show selected Clint as his assistant, Barney became jealous and distant from Clint and even condemned Clint for going against Swordsman when he was embezzling money from the carnival. Barney soon became fed up with the carnival life and made plans to enlist in the US Army. Barney gave his brother an ultimatum, to join him in the army or lose his brother. When Barney was waiting at the bus stop and Clint did not show he was very disappointed and left without him. Clint did end up showing up late though and returned to the carnival sad at the fact his brother had left him.


    Barney Barton was created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan and first appeared in Avengers Issue 64 (1969).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    FBI Agent

    After his stint in the army Barney became a FBI Agent and mostly worked undercover assignments. When he was working undercover as a bodyguard for a criminal named Marko his brother as Hawkeye and his new mentor from the carnival Trick Shot attempted to rob the mansion. Barney was shot by Hawkeye and when his brother realized who he shot Hawkeye refused to leave Barney's side and betrayed Trick Shot. Trick Shot ended up putting an arrow into Hawkeye's shoulder and vowing to kill him if he ever saw him again. Hawkeye made sure Barney was going to make it and left before Barney could figure out they were brothers.

    Barney's next undercover mission was to pose as a racketeer in the underground crime world. Barney was approached by Egghead, who wanted Barney on his space-station in exchange for funding his criminal operations, not realizing he was FBI. When Barney declined Egghead, who was actually an android of the original, attacked and killed Barney's FBI team. Barney escaped and went to the Avengers for help in stopping the super criminal. Barney accompanied the team and helped in the battle aboard the space station against Egghead's robot soldiers. Barney was forced to sacrifice his life to stop Egghead's ray projector. After his funeral Clint received a letter from Barney's direct superior Allan Scofield revealing Barney's double life and the fact Barney was fully aware of Clint's double life as Hawkeye.


    Unknown to Hawkeye or any of the Avengers, Egghead would go back for Barney's body and after finding signs of life keep him in stasis to be used at a later date. Hawkeye would later inadvertently kill Egghead when the villain was attempting to kill Hank Pym, avenging Barney's "death", but assuring he would be locked in stasis until someone found him. That someone was Baron Helmut Zemo. Zemo has raided the old base looking for anything he could use that Egghead might have left lying around after his death. After finding Barney Barton in stasis Zemo dug up his background and revived him and manipulated him to go against Hawkeye in a plot of revenge. Zemo was angry at Hawkeye for taking the Thunderbolts away from him. Zemo found Trick Shot, Hawkeye's former mentor, who was dying of cancer and promised he would fund his medical treatment if he taught Barney how to wield a bow. Trick Shot did so and never learned that it was Barney he was teaching. After his training was complete Zemo went back on their deal and beat Trick Shot to a pulp and left his cancer to fester and grow worse. When he was on deaths door Barney dropped Trick Shot off at Avengers Tower as a message. barney had become as proficient as Hawkeye with a bow.

    When Clint was investigating his mentors demise Barney ambushed him and declared himself the new Trick shot and captured Clint, delivering him to Baron Zemo. Baron Zemo arranged for the brothers to fight to the death. Even though Hawkeye was going blind thanks to an injury from Ronin (Alexei Shostakov), Hawkeye was able to defeat his brother and capture him alive. Baron Zemo then transferred Barney's criminal fund to Hawkeye as a prize though taunted him with the idea that he turned Barney against him. While in prison Barney underwent a bone marrow transplant with Clint to insure he didn't go blind. Though this was so they could have a rematch at a later date and not out of brotherly love.

    Dark Avengers

    Norman Osborn later invited Barney Barton to join his second incarnation of the Dark Avengers, effectively replacing Bullseye as the new Dark Hawkeye. He will be joined by Skaar (Hulk Counterpart, Gorgon (Wolverine counterpart), June Covington (Scarlet Witch counterpart), Superia (Ms. Marvel counterpart), Ragnarok (Thor counterpart), and Ai Apaec (Spider-man counterpart). The team will be backed by HAMMER, HYDRA, and AIM. Skaar was a

    After HAMMER's defeat, the Dark Avengers were placed in the Thunderbolts program intended for use against the Sultan Magus. When returning Skaar, Moonstone, Trickshot, Toxic Doxie, Ai Apaec, Ragnarok and Warden Walker to the Raft, a ship engine blew up and a panicked Man-Thing accidentally sent them to an alternate, 'Dark' Earth. When they returned, they seemed set on staying together as a group.

    With Hawkeye

    Barney later appeared as a homeless person on the streets of New York, finding himself on the doorstep of his brother's apartment building and at odds with the Tracksuit Mafia.

    Personal Data


    • Height: 6'3"
    • Weight: 237 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Reddish-brown


    • Identity: (Trick Shot) known to authorities, (Hawkeye) secret
    • Place of Birth: Waverly, Iowa
    • Citizenship: USA, with a criminal record
    • Education: General Equivalency Deploma (GED)
    • Occupation: Criminal, subversive, former gang boss, butcher shop owner
    • Known Relatives: Harold & Edith Barton (parents, deceased), Clint Barton (Hawkeye. brother), Bret & Mack Barton(ancestors, deceased)

    Powers and Abilities

    Barney Barton had the same early life has his brother Clint though did not receive any training from Swordsman or Trick Shot during this time. After he left for the Army it is know Barney completed basic training and went on to join the FBI after his service. Barney became a skilled detective and his missions mainly involved undercover work implying good acting skills, high intelligence, and the ability to improvise. He was a good marksman with a pistol and had receive some hand to hand training in both the Army and FBI. After being revived by Baron Zemo Barney was trained by Trick Shot in the same manner as his brother becoming Hawkeye's equal with a bow though lacking the years of experience Hawkeye has gained through his time as a superhero. As the new Trickshot, Barney was seen using Trick Arrows similar to his brother including explosive tipped and bola arrows.

    Other Media

    Iron Man Armored Adventures - In the Season 2 Episode "The Hawk and the Spider" Hawkeye mentions Barney, saying he owes money to Count Nefaria.


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