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Around 8,000 BC, following the post-Hyborian cataclysm that leveled much of Earth's society and further reshaped its land masses, champions and menaces emerged throughout the world. In Europe, two savage warriors received power and immortality that they would wield as Ulysses Bloodstone and Merlin Demonspawn, while the alien Caretakers of Arcturus created the first werewolf, Greysire. In Asia, a nomad began seizing control of an alien Plodex spaceship, with whose power he would claim the title of Master of the World. Finally, a group of four superpowered adventurers who banded together in North America around 8,000 BC, possibly the world's first team of superhuman champions who roamed the area now called Canada.

The groups leader, Talks-to-Spirits, a shaman capable of communicating with astral entities, carried a medicine pouch from which he could withdraw various magical items and spells. Willow-Dancer, for a time the group's only female member, could command plants and animals. The super-strong Bear Brother used a club in battle, while Firehand's fighting prowess was augmented by his power of projecting flames. Talks-to-Spirit' powers were magical in nature. The Tribe traveled in search of any super-powered threat to humanity, protecting the land's people from many monsters, and their legend spread across the continent.

During one of their travels they stumbled across an Elk Tribe where a young woman by the name of Nahita was struck down by a mystic rain of skeletons. The rain was a symbolic event foretelling the re-emergence of Llan the Sorcerer. Luckily Nahita was saved from the monsters and informed it was her destiny to join the Tribe of the Moon. She reached into Talks-to-Spirits pouch and removed a sacred circlet and placed it on her head becoming Talisman. The group proceeded to do battle with the likes of the Creatures of the Caves, the flying Sharks from Beyond Time, Deviant warriors from a Lemurian colony that had survived the Great Cataclysm, the Dimension Giants, and the Ice-Devils.

Talisman and the others soon realize that the increased encounters with supernatural can only mean one thing. Llan's 10,000 year wait is coming to an end and he will once again attempt to gain control of the Earth. Llan sent monsters to her village to cause terror and they ended up killing her family. He continued to harass the group by all means at his disposal which sent the Tribe to travel to the Eye of the World, a mystic cratered site of the Gateway of Night from which Llan intended to unleash his Forces of Darkness upon the world.

Talisman and the rest of the Tribe set out to confront Llan but in the end Talisman had to face him alone as her predecessors had. As she went to fight Llan the rest of the Tribe stayed back to fight Llan's armies. They were victorious, but at a heavy cost. Willow-Dancer fell in battle losing her life. Confronting Llan, Talisman was forced to listen to his taunts. She pulled out an idol and reminded him that he was forced to assume the idol shape the last time he had fought a Talisman. Thinking he could easily defeat her no matter what form he was in, Llan possessed the idol and was once again tricked into imprisonment for the next 10,000 years. Talisman had cast a binding spell on the idol which Llan was unable to break.


Tribe of the Moon was created by James Hudnall and James Sherman in 1990 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 83. 

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