Team » Tribbitites appears in 28 issues.

    A race of orange skinned aliens commonly known as Toad Men. The Tribbitites possess advanced technology that is usually stolen from other races.

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    The Toad Men were launching an invasion of Earth using a form of magnetic technology to remove entire cities and bodies of water from the planet's surface. They kidnapped Bruce Banner to learn how advanced Earth is but when their conquest seemed imminent, Banner used a gamma ray device to reverse to polarity of the Toad Men's magnetic weapons and launch their fleet out of the solar system.


    The Tribitites were created by writer/editor Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby and first appeared in "Enter the Toad Men" in 1962.

    Major Story Arc

    The Toad Men were attempting to enslave The Hulk. Their species existed on a mechanical planet called Toadworld, built using technology stolen from the Kree, Skrull and other technologically advanced alien races. Toadworld required a large amount of slave labor to operate successfully. When the Toad Men learned of the Hulk's potential connection to the powerful entity known as the Shaper of Worlds, they forced him to attack the Shaper and return him to Toadworld to do their bidding. In order to make him comply, the Toad Men threatened the lives of Hulk's friends Jarella and Cracka-Jack Jackson but unknown to the Hulk, these were apparitions created by the Shaper. In his weakened state the Shaper was unable to maintain the apparitions, leading Hulk to go on a rampage that destroyed equipment essential to the planet's operation. Toadworld then spiraled out of orbit and into deep space.


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