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    Triage is a mutant that possesses healing powers.

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    Rescued by the X-Men
    Rescued by the X-Men

    Christopher's mutant powers to heal others awakened after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men, and he used them to bring a friend back to life after she had fallen and been hit on her head. The local police took him in for questioning, displaying an anti-mutant attitude towards him despite his good deed. Cyclops and Magik of the X-Men broke into the police station to rescue Christopher and recruit him to their cause.


    Christopher was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Stuart Immonen, and first appeared in All-New X-Men #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Mutant Revolution

    Mutant Revolution
    Mutant Revolution

    Christopher Muse is the second recruited mutant to Cyclops' mutant school, after Eva Bell was similarly rescued from authorities threatened by their mutant status. Initially being the longest established relationship out of the New Xavier School students, Eva and Christopher were close friends. He and Eva join many of Cyclops' outings to recruit fellow mutants, one of which he is needed to heal David Bond (Hijack) after he was shot by police. Muse was initially a neatly dressed, introverted person but over time he grew more brazen and confident in his identity as a mutant. Embracing the world of mutants fully, Christopher expressed a distaste for his college life, his family and all things normal. Stating that there was nothing for him in the "real world" Christopher began letting his hair grow into dreadlocks and ditching his glasses, he became flirtatious with many of his female classmates.

    Initially when flirting with the Cuckoos they threatened to erase his mind, although their relationship would get better after time. While his flirtation tested his relationship with Eva Bell (who was infatuated with Cyclops, herself) he grew more friendly to Irma of the Stepford Cuckoos after she chose to dye her hair black, approving of her choices for individuality. Despite his over confidence Christopher is easily frightened in many of his missions. He often tries to convince himself and the other students that the otherworldly places Cyclops tests them in is just another Danger Room program, although he is easily discouraged when realizing the danger is real. Because of this Irma has mentally reinforced his bravery, keeping him in check on their missions.

    Christopher has a brotherly relationship with most of his team members, being the first to jokingly call Fabio Goldballs and reinforcing Cyclops' belief that Benjamin Deeds had potential. He is with his classmates when the team is then forced into Limbo by Dormammu where they fight for their lives and manage to hold out until Magik absorbs Limbo and casts them out. When they get out of the dimension, Benjamin is injured and not breathing. So under guidance of Emma Frost, Christopher heals the new mutant.

    Triage continues to push his healing ability to it's limit in situations where he joins the X-Men at a pro mutant rally, and Cyclops and the team attacked by a new type of sentinel. He goes on to heal the young Cyclops of the past from a near death after he was hit from a Sentinel blast, bringing the current Cyclops back to existence.

    Triage begins to doubt the team's mission when he realizes the holographic training room has Avengers simulations. While his friends think it is just a unique way to train, Triage believes that if they are training to fight the Avengers, it must indicate their mission is flawed in some way.

    End of the Revolution

    After Cyclops had disbanded the New Xavier School, the students, rather than joining the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, band together to form an unaffiliated team of super heroes. In their first outting the team once again faced off against one of their first threats, a young mutant named Animax. In an outburst against her abusive father Animax had psychically summoned an army of monsters to terrorize a highschool where he worked as a football coach. As the team arrived in a jet controlled by Hijack, the mutants quickly set out to stop her. With Morph (Deeds)talking her down and the Stepford Cuckoos holding back her assault, Goldballs used his ability to knock her out. All of this was captured via cellphone camera and blew up overnight as the mutants quickly became famous. Fabio was called by his parents who proudly spoke about their son on live TV, but the fame didn't stop there. From talk-shows to magazine covers, the team became more loved with every villain they fought, which ranged to even the likes of defeating Klaw.

    It wasn't until the world learned from Fabio's parents that he was a mutant, that things would quickly change. After defeating yet another villain, Goldballs expected praise from the onlooking crowd only for a glass bottle to be thrown at the young hero, leaving shards of broken glass stuck in his neck. While the Cuckoos drove off their attackers psychically, Triage and Morph went on to help heal Fabio's near fatal injury before they fled. Learning the hard way that despite their good intentions that their mutant gene would still be hated, Hijack brought them to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, knowing that they would have a lot to learn still about being accepted.


    Triages powers were activated after the Phoenix dispersion, and has displayed the following mutant powers:

    Healing: Triage's powers involve the ability to heal people, and even revive them from the dead. He can mend broken bones and open wounds in a matter of seconds, and with concentration heal internal injuries. He does not need to be aware of what the injury is in order to heal it, as long as he can physically contact the injured he can heal them. His healing is both shown and mentioned to be at an almost instant result; faster than mutants with self healing mutations like Wolverine can heal himself.

    Immortality: After being fatally injured by Raze, Triage's wound seemed to kill him for a few moments before he was revived by his own ability. It is unknown if Triage knowingly used his power, or his body instinctively saved his life, meaning that he may be immortal to some extent.

    Life-Force Manipulation: After reviving Cyclops from the edge of death, he determined that Triage's powers not only extend to healing, but the life force itself. It's unknown how far Triage's manipulation of the life force goes; Triage is the most fearful of what he can truly do. When touching a living individual, Triage can sense the life force as if it were electricity. By manipulating the life force, he can instill life in individuals no matter how long they've been dead, such as the week old body of Dr. Sale, whom Raze had mortally wounded and left in the desert for days. After reviving Dr. Sale, he was completely aware of himself and was able to think rationally to aid the X-Men, but due to his deteriorated brain and body functioned on a much slower pace. Triage was unable to reverse the decomposition, and heal Dr. Sale completely.


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