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Proper Japanese Title: トリアージX


Black Label Organization

  • Masamune Mochizuki (望月正宗)
  • Fiona Ran Winchester (フィオナ・蘭・ウインチェスター)
  • Arashi Mikami (三神嵐)
  • Mikoto Kiba (木場美琴)
  • Oriha Nashida (梨田織葉)
  • Yuko Sagiri (狭霧友子)
  • Miki Tsurugi (剣美姫)
  • Sayo Hitsugi (柩 小夜)

Tobioko Police Force

  • Isoroku Tatara
  • Konomi Suzue
  • Tamon Asakura
  • Makoto Ogawa

Mochizuki High School

  • Hinako Kominato
  • Yuu Momokino
  • Sakurada Nao
  • Hachisuka
  • Saki Okada
  • Sakurada Nao

Inuzaki's Group

  • Shinichiro Inunaki
  • Chikage Hizaki

Malignant Tumors (Criminal Element)

  • Hideo Aranami
  • Taisei Aranami
  • Jin Masaki
  • Yoroida

Story Arcs

  • CASE 1: Prescription From Hell (Volume 1)
  • CASE 2: Surgical Strike (Volume 1-2)
  • CASE 3: Midnight Guerrilla (Volume 2- )

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