Character » Tri-Clops appears in 3 issues.

    An Inhuman with a third eye, through which she can see things that are happening to people on Earth from Attilan. She is 'All-Seeing and All-Knowing'.

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    As a child she was named Sapphire until she came of age. After undergoing the Terregenesis, she changed her name to Tri-clops which adequately described her new appearance & powers.  Just after exiting the Terrigen Mists she revealed the Fantastic Four who were intruders in Attilan.


    She has the ability to see and hear everything that is happening in the world no matter if it is intended to be hidden. 

    Tri-clops can also reveal invisible creatures to  others as shown in Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #1 when she made Susan Storm and the Fantastic Four reappear.

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