Trey Thompson

    Character » Trey Thompson appears in 7 issues.

    Trey Thompson was an FBI agent who briefly assumed the identity of Mr. America.

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    Trey Thompson was an FBI agent who was fired for brutally killing a child-killer, when he acted as judge jury & executioner and deemed him a threat to the public. Thompson also was the descendent of Mr. America, Tex Thompson (a.k.a. Americommando), a mystery man from the golden age. Still feeling the need to fight against injustice, he took on the mantle of Mr America to help his former partner Jeffery Graves with cases, and to help the JSA & JLA.

    Thompson went to investigate a murder, but it transpired that the victims were his own wife and two kids. They had been poisoned and died a slow agonizing death. Using his detective skills he tracked the super villain Catalyst who was at Thompson's brother's house. There, he murdered both Catalyst, his own brother and his brother's family.

    Thompson had savagely beat Catalyst to extract a confession, then left his broken body for the police. Catalyst revealed that he had been hired by a mysterious employer to take out Trey's whole family. He was also told that he was supposed to meet this employers at the docks.

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    So Thompson went to the docks instead. There, he was jumped by a mysterious force that fills his face with fear and caused him to run to the JSA to warn them of this mysterious threat. However, he was still trying to defend himself from the unseen foe. In a last ditch effort, Thompson threw himself through the roof of the JSA and collapsed dead in the middle of their round table during a meeting.

    Upon examination of his corpse Dr. Mid-Nite and Mr. Terrific find a sharp piece of metal lodged in his lungs. The evidence informed that that Thompson had been jumped by the Fourth Reich. It was only because of his sheer will power to hold onto life that allowed him to make it to the JSA and give them that evidence, through his own corpse, which saved countless lives from Vandal Savage's evil scheme.

    The mantle of Mr. America would be taken by his ex-partner Jeffrey Graves.

    Skills & Abilities

    Trey has no super powers but is at peak human strength and is a very skilled acrobat and long distance runner. He is also highly advanced in hand to hand fighting he has recieved intense training from the FBI as well as Wildcat. His trade mark is his dead on marksman skill with his twin whips he is very skilled with his whips and uses them to get himself around the city and fight criminals.


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