Trenchcoat Brigade

    Team » Trenchcoat Brigade appears in 22 issues.

    A group of DC magic users who attempt to guide Tim Hunter through the world of magic, teaching him skills and helping him understand the consequences of his actions.

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    The title references an offhand joke used by John Constantine in the earlier Books of Magic series to label a loose affiliation of mystics including himself, Phantom Stranger, Doctor Occult, and Mister E who share a preference for trenchcoats as their outdoor wear. (Constantine was knowingly paraphrasing the title of Alfred Lord Tennyson's famous "The Charge of the Light Brigade", about a reckless military event.)

    Publication History

    They first appeared together in Neil Gaiman's The Books of Magic series, in which they attempted to guide Tim Hunter through various realms of Magic in the DC Universe in order to teach him all of Magic's abilities and consequences.

    The group would later re-unite in the five-issue mini-series The Names of Magic, before finally getting their own mini-series.


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