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    When Tony Twist threatened to kill Richard Massullo's family he agreed to under go experiments to create a super soldier...the result was the hulking beast known as Tremor

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    He was often muscle for his brother David and Tony Twist.

    He soon wanted out of the mob life, but Tony had other plans and kidnapped him and sent him to Germany. He became a test subject for project: TREMOR. It was an experiment in creating super soldiers for the mob even before Overtkill. Combining genetics and cybernetics he became an inhuman being. However the process didn't take away his free will and the project was deemed a failure. Twist then killed all of Richard's family except David. He let David believe that it had been Tremor who killed his family and that he also killed his brother Richard not knowing Tremor was Richard. David then dedicated his life to finding and killing Tremor.

    Tremor had been all over the globe destroying Tony Twist's businesses. He then found himself in New York due to his problems with Spawn. He fought with Spawn thinking he was with the mob, but they soon joined to fight against Tony Twist. They fought Twist's men, but David soon appeared to challenge Tremor. Tremor revealed that he was Richard, but due to David's guilt and confusion he shot at Tremor. Spawn showed up and attacked David not knowing the whole story. Tremor was enraged and this caused the two to have an uneasy relationship ever since. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

    Brigade II-Supreme, Vanguard, Glory, Tremor, Roman, Shadowhawk, and Troll
    Brigade II-Supreme, Vanguard, Glory, Tremor, Roman, Shadowhawk, and Troll

    Tremor would later resurface as a member of the 2nd incarnation of the Super-Hero team Brigade along with Troll, Supreme, Glory, Shadowhawk, Roman, and Vanguard. His role in this incarnation of Brigade did not last very long however, as the series was canceled several issues later.

    Tremor appears in Image United fighting Cabbot.


    Tremor is trying to find Jim Downing(the current Spawn) believing that he helped with transforming him into Tremor. He eventually finds Downing and they come to an agreement where Jim returns Tremor back to his human state and he tells Jim everything he knows about The Program. Downing uses his hellspawn powers on Tremor and they turn him back to normal. Tremor then tells Jim about The Program.


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