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A locale of metaphysical import created by Ord Zyonyz an Elder of the Universe eons prior to early civilization. It eventually grew into a dimension of it's own called Null Space. It is the hub point from which all Raptor Fraternity Androids are gestated from. As are the Amulets with which they use to enter and operate from within the primary Marvel Universe.

This Tree of Shadows grew powerful in the arcane anima rich environment of the Darkforce Dimension, millennia prior to most cognizant societies a great war broke out over the tree by prehistoric ancestors of the Shi'ar and Skrull empires. The seed planted by The Gardener eons hence would ripen into an object of cosmological import, one of such allure and value that the primordial races would kill each other just to possess one of it's low hanging fruit.

Said persimmons were the very first Raptor Amulet. As well fell from it's limbs the precursor to the secret order maintaining the Shi'ar Empire would imprint upon it's primitive ancestor; coming to be known as Raptor Prime, first Raptor of it's kind. Taking on all of it's proginators ideals and personal traits it immediately set out to slaughter its enemies.

All while learning and growing from it's experiences the whole time. Having spent eons studying it's enemies, the primordial Raptor would pick up shapeshifting as it's next learned trait. This would eventually become the typical norm of all Android's based on the Prime's technomechanical archetype. The tree acts as a waypoint station where Raptors lie in wait until they're amulets can be found by a willing recipient. From there they could swap out between the jewel carrier and the automoton body at will, usually parasitic in nature as the amulets would often physically leech into the nervous system of the Android's host body.

Forcing a transference between the user and it's controlling Raptor droid. After swapping places with a host, said unwilling participant would become trapped within a crystal matrix like genesis chamber which the Raptor was constructed within. Said incubation apparatus was connected to the tree in the same manner it's amulets did.

Most of the matrices contained the decomposing carcasses of prior victims unlucky enough to possess an amulet hosting the ancient spirit which comes to animate the cybernetic bodies.

The tree and it's crystal pods are heavily protected by nightmarish gargoyle like statues.

Entities which serve to protect the android hosts as well as keep their swapped stand-ins from escaping should they become active on their own.


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