Character » Trauma appears in 11 issues.

    Trauma is a hated enemy of the Pantheon of which the Hulk was a member. He has fought the Hulk.

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    Trauma was the prince of an advanced warrior alien race called the Troyjans.

    He was infatuated with one of the members of the Pantheon, Atalanta, and pursued her tirelessly. But because she rejected him, he chose to take her by force, going so far as to shoot down her ship and nearly kill her on many occasions. This put him in conflict with the Hulk, during their first battle he catches the Hulk by suprise and nearly kills him. He eventually pleads with his father to use their deal with the Pantheon leader Agamemnon to take her without resistance and he agrees.

    Trauma died in hands of Hulk, when Hulk was trying to rescue Atalanta. Atalanta was kidnaped to complete an agreement between Troyjans and the Pantheon. In this agreement, Troyjans gave longevity to members of the Pantheon.


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