Trauma Queen

    Character » Trauma Queen appears in 12 issues.

    Leslie can access a variety of superpowers by channeling emotionally-distressing memories. She is a member of a team of Gen-actives allied with Gen 13.

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    Leslie was a prisoner (possibly of IO, although it's never clearly identified) until Nate rescued her. She is a member of Nate's team of Gen-actives, along with Voodoo Doll and Twenty-Man Tommy

    She met and befriended Gen 13, after she and Burnout defeated a pair of superpowered criminals. Burnout fell in love with Leslie.

    Following Gen 13's deaths and the release of their powers as uncontrolled energy, she and her team stopped the released Gen-factor powers. She witnessed Fairchild turn into a living reality distortion.

    Powers and Abilities

    Leslie has the ability to channel emotional distress into various powers.

    The full extent of Leslie's powers have not been revealed. Powers she has demonstrated include:

    • Flight
    • Blast Power
    • Mind Control
    • Mental Imaging
    • Teleportation
    • Force-field Generation
    Leslie activates her power by remembering a troubling childhood memory.
    Leslie activates her power by remembering a troubling childhood memory.

    She often uses childhood memories of being subjected to horror movies (especially zombie movies by Tom Savini) as fodder for her powers.


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