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    A young new millennial Trapster.

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    Trapstr debuted in the Secret Empire issue on Free Comic Book Day 2017 as "Trapster." She mocked Spider-Man for guessing she spelled it a "cool" way without an "e," however, the next time her name was stated in Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #26, she decided to go with "Trapstr" and even admitted to contemplating "Trpstr" with no "a."

    Major Story Arcs

    Sinister Syndicate

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    Trapstr was offered membership on the new Sinister Syndicate. It was assembled by the new Beetle, Janice Lincoln. As Beetle explained, organized crime had the worst gender disparity of every profession. She wanted the new Syndicate to respect the contributions of women to evil and foster support among a community of female supervillains. They were going to smash the glass ceiling with the bodies of their enemies.

    The team was often getting into trouble thanks to Beetle’s relationship with Randy Robertson. Randy wanted her to stop being a villain, so she had made a deal with Kingpin to give up Boomerang to become deputized as his security detail. Her team passed on the idea though. They laid low after that, until the Beetle and Randy were kidnapped by Madame Masque and Crime-Master, who were working with a network of crime bosses brought together by Kingpin. The team showed up to rescue Beetle, who was already in the midst of being rescued by Beetle and Randy’s fathers, Tombstone and Robbie Robertson.

    Sinister War

    While discussing the membership of a possible seventh member, Ana Kravinoff, the Syndicate is approached by Kindred and sent to a graveyard, where Spider-Man is already fighting off two other supervillain groups. There, Kindred announces they were all hellbound villains who could earn a spot as Kindred's assistant, avoiding torture in the afterlife, if they killed Spider-Man. Spider-Man tries to get away while they all fight each other for the chance, but he fails. Eventually, Doc Ock uses a piece of Black Ant's helmet to knock everyone, including the Syndicate, out through the ear centipedes Kindred was using to control them.

    Gang War

    As a member of the Syndicate, she backed up Beetle when Tombstone was gravely injured. A gang war had been incited, and Beetle was forced to defend her dad's territory. With Trapster and the rest of the Syndicate, Beetle planned on taking all of Harlem for her father's crime family. This put them in the sights of Madame Masque, who has been secretly orchestrating the entire gang war so she would be the last gang leader standing. Trapster accompanied Beetle and all her backup to Central Park where they would fight Masque's full army over the rest of the city.

    Unfortunately, Madame Masque also had weapon master, Rabble, on her team. The upgrades were enough to push the Syndicate back until Spider-Man, Tombstone, and the other heroes arrived and took on Masque's forces. Trapster and The Syndicate stepped back and waited until the heroes took out enough of Masque's crew for them to have an easy fight, except Tombstone caught them hiding and took out Beetle before she could be the last gang leader standing.

    Tombstone usurped his own daughter as the head of the Syndicate and the Harlem gangs. He ordered a full retreat leaving the Masque's new Maggia and the heroes to deal with each other. With Spider-Man's crew proving victorious and the vigilante law repealed, Tombstone now ran the only criminal enterprise in the city.


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