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Once a feared overlord of his own, Trap Jaw was part of Keldor's army, but decided to betray him and build an army of his own. Upon returning to Snake Mountain to battle Keldor he was faced not by Keldor, but who he had become, Skeletor.

The battle was lost and Trap Jaw was defeated by Skeletor. His right arm and jaw were destroyed by Skeletor. Instead of destroying him Skeletor made Tri-Klops rebuild him. He has since served Skeletor but maybe one day Trap Jaw will once again give the orders.

Major Story Arcs

He-man and Masters of the Universe (2012)

For more information see : He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Trap Jaw is once again ruler of his own people, a nomad band of Desert riders. They have set up camp in the Arid Spring Oasis, and this is where Adam is brought before Trap Jaw. Instead of killing Adam right away, as Skeletor has commanded, Trap Jaw gives him a chase to earn his freedom by fighting to the death for it. This back fires and Adam escapes, along with Teela, leaving Trap Jaw to explain to Skeletor why he did not just slit Adam's throat when he had the chance.

Later when Adam finds the Power Sword and changes into He-Man, Trap Jaw can be seen taking his nomads away to avoid He-man's wrath.

Powers and Abilities

Trap Jaw is known for his iron jaw and large mechanical arm. His jaw is lined with razor sharp teeth, giving him a very dangerous bite. His arm is super-humanly strong and durable. The arm can be equipped with a wide array of different weapons. As a feared warlord, Trap Jaw has some knowledge on tactics. He is also very proficient with weapons.

In the 2002 series he displays the ability to eat metals. It is demonstrated that the more metal he eats the stronger he becomes.


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