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    Transonic is one of the Five Lights, and one of five new mutants to emerge since M-Day. She is currently enrolled at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

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    Powers activating
    Powers activating

    Laurie Tromette was a young girl whom found herself in a great amount of pain one day. The pain was so bad that she had almost killed herself to end her own suffering. Hope and the X-men had arrived just in time to make contact with her and save her life. Laurie accepted the offer to join Hope and become one of the newest X-men. Laurie was the first light of the new mutants to activate after Hope returned to the present. Laurie joined Hope in her quest for the other 4 lights that indicated a new mutant was found.


    Laurie was created by Matt Fraction and Kieron Gillen as part of the Five Lights.

    Character Development

    While still pretty new, she started off as an intellectual young girl that was independent. Since her meeting Hope, she is becoming one of Hope's followers.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Future is a Four Letter Word

    Laurie tries to stay behind
    Laurie tries to stay behind

    The last light to be reached by Hope and the others is Kenji. The prolonged time before contact seems to have made him go mad. He lost control completely of his powers and started killing the people near him. Hope wanted to go head on and save him, Laurie resists thinking it is a suicide mission. When Gabriel is about to die she swoops in to save him. Once Hope makes contact they all head back to Utopia.

    Laurie is having the most difficulty dealing with the transition into the fighter role. When Hope begins to train them, Laurie has the most difficulty learning how to use the automatic weapon. When they are about to go in for the day, Laurie continues to try, not wanting to be a failure. When Laurie and the others are expected to take Ethics from Emma, Hope decides she can no longer stay in class and leaves. Laurie hesitantly leaves as well, under extreme reservation. When Gabriel calls the class morals, Laurie blows up at him.


    Laurie has caught the dangerous flu that spread on Utopia. She is being affected more than others because of her physical mutation. She was not present at the final battle for the cure but it is assumed that the cure was administered in time to save her.

    The Ward

    Powers making her morph
    Powers making her morph

    Doctor Nemesis wanted to do an experiment on Laurie's powers to see if his initial deduction was accurate. He had Laurie put in a chamber with Storm and Storm created high winds to see what would happen to her powers. Laurie began to change consistency and became "gooey." It is during the experiment that the seventh mutant signature activated. The team left with their new liaison Kitty Pryde. When the team gets to Germany, Gabriel is sent into the building but like everyone else inside, he passes out. Hope tells Laurie to enter but Laurie refuses.

    Hope easily convinces Laurie to enter the radius of the building where she also falls asleep. Teon fetches both and is some how immune to the affects of the new mutant. Once the team finds the mutant they are shocked that he is still in the womb. The child gets scarred and ends up taking control over more people including Kitty and Idie. When Idie starts to attack them Laurie most fly off with her so the baby's powers will wear off. Kenji makes telepathic contact with the child in an attemp to make the child calm own. Each team member tries to reach the baby, Laurie tries a logical approach and tell the infant that Germany is a great country and that berlin was a great city, the child was not moved by her. In the end it is Teon that calms the child and alows him to be born.

    Teon's Trial and Better

    After Teon's trial, Kenji and Laurie started to discuss how they acted more peculiarly around Hope when she's around, Laurie mentioning how she would run to battle for her when she would be terrified of simple sports before. Kenji and she make a truce to find out if Hope is performing some sort of mind control on them.

    The team waited for the next light to blink into existence. When it did, the team casually headed over to him. What they did not expect was for him to be tormented by his friends when it happend and kill himself instead of waiting. When Zeeshan did kill himself the entire team felt it. Transonic left the jet and flew ahead to see what had happend. She is the one to discover his body after he killed himself.


    For more information: Schism

    Laurie decides to attend the opening of the mutant history museum. She is able to convince Idie to come with, but the others decide not to go. When the arrive at the museum, they find Kenji is there. Laurie and Kenji talk about non-violent techniques in dealing with the mutant hate. Kenji wants to fight back, but Laurie says turning the other cheek is better. Idie walks off. Laurie eventually finds her watching a video of Rachel Summers, Idie says that Rachel looks a little like Hope. Laurie dismisses it saying that they just both have red hair. Laurie points out that she has red hair and doesn't look like Hope.

    Idie jokes and says that they do look a little a like. The museum is then attacked by the new Hellfire Club. Laurie screams at Idie to leave but Idie hid to pray. Idie would eventually kill 12 people and save the X-Men and civilians. Hope begins yelling at Laurie for leaving her alone in the museum. Hope says that Laurie is a soldier and no one is left behind. Laurie tells Hope that they aren't solders and that they act differently when they are around Hope. Idie than asks if there is anyone else they need her to kill otherwise she wants to go to sleep. Laurie and the others look shocked.

    Hitting Hope
    Hitting Hope

    When the team gets back to the island, they find out that a new kind of Sentinel is on its way to attack the island and kill all the mutants. Transonic wants them all to leave even stating that Oya needs to get off the island because she is only a child. Hope says that they will stay, Laurie stops in place unable to refuse Hope. When Hope asks Oya what she wants to do, she says that she wants to stay and fight. Laurie becomes so infuriated with Hope, and how different she is around her that she punches Hope. This starts a fist fight between the two. When Velocidad tries to break up the fight, Primal attacks him. Oya then shouts that they need to work together otherwise they are doomed.

    This is when the Young X-Men arrive and the two teams discuss what they should do. They decide to stay and fight even with the odds against them. Laurie tells Hope that the discussion isn't over, that when this is over they will finish it. Hope dismisses her and says when it is over they will talk. Laurie had to be calmed by Zero who says that he could always kill Hope in her sleep.

    As the Young X-Men and Five Lights were preparing to strike the Sentinel, Wolverine revealed that he was going to detonate the island when the Sentinel got closer and that the students needed to leave. The students ran off. Wolverine and Cyclops started fighting until the students returned and defeated the Sentinel. When the fighting is over, the students proved to be victorious. As Hope and the others celebrated, Transonic brought the focus back to Oya. Hope still wanted Oya to stay on the island with them. Transonic pulls out a gun, trying to get Hope to let Oya leave and go to the school that Wolverine was starting. Hope would eventually agree that Oya should leave and she brings Oya to Wolverine. Later, the younger students are celbrating, eating burgers that Zero was making. Transonic and Hope go to bring some to Velocidad, and find him making out with Pixie. Laurie and Hope leave. When Hope tells the team that Pixie would be joining to teleport the team to the new Lights as the activate, all of them were slightly uncomfortable. Zero told Transonic that it wasn't over with Hope, but Laurie said that there was hope for Hope and walked away.


    For more information: Regenesis


    Transonic stays with the other lights on Utopia, sans Oya. Cyclops decides to have the Lights fight some of the X-Men's heavy hitters. During the battle Transonic faces of against Storm. Showing a good deal of respect for Storm, she is unsure what to do. Storm tells her to call her Ororo after they see what she can do in combat. Transonic blasts into Storms abdominal. The training is however ended when Magneto almost destroys Zero. After this Transonic shows a lot of concern for Zero. Zero tells her that she is not his type and walks off. Transonic becomes slowly more enraged when she sees that he is flirting with No-Girl. The team then becomes aware of a new mutant signature. Hope has the team head into the area immediately but Zero brings No-Girl with. Transonic is shocked when the arrive in Pakistan, thinking that they should have been given some time to prepare more. Hope tells her that they don't have time to prep when a light is in danger. The team separates to cover area faster. Hope originally pairs Zero and Transonic but Zero rather stay with No-Girl so Hope, Transonic and Primal search together. Hope tells Transonic that she needs to get over her feelings for Zero before it starts to interfere with their missions. Zero and No-Girl find the Light and everyone rushes to get to him. Hope is not able to get there quickly. The Light is revealed as a suicide bomber and detonates after apologizing to the Five Lights.

    With the Jean Grey School

    Transonic can be seen as a student of the Jean Grey School in the pages of Generation X.

    X-Men Disassembled

    After some time out of the spotlight, Transonic was seen again during the events of X-Men Disassembled. She answered to the call of duty, when Jean Grey asked every available X-Men to join in the fight against Nate Grey (X-Man) whom wanted to change the world in his own twisted way. During the fight, X-Man used his most powerfull mutant powers, causing an explosion which seemingly killed all X-Men, including Transonic. However, Transonic was later seen in an alternate reality called Age of X-Man, causing to believe that the X-Men where transported into a different reality rather then being killed.

    Powers and Abilities


    Besides the obvious blue skin, Laurie had been shown being able to fly.

    Laurie's Evolution
    Laurie's Evolution

    After Doctor Nemesis' check out he revealed that she also has general physiological enhancement. Her body now has reactive properties even at transonic speed, which means that her body alters to give her superhuman maneuverability. In a controlled setting, Laurie did morph under high winds and changed consistency, when she flew into the skies with Idie she underwent a remarkable transformation which gained her more physical characteristics, though this did not last for long as she had to go back down again.

    Laurie is receiving training from Hope, this includes using firearms.



    According to Laurie, Laurie's family would not have been that excited for her to be a super hero and even less happy that she joined the X-Men. She thinks they would have been happier if she joined Alpha Flight, to be close to home, or at least the Avengers.

    Other Media


    X-men: Battle of the Atom

    X-men: Battle of the Atom
    X-men: Battle of the Atom

    Transonic is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

    • Transonic

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