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A riot sweeps through the Angels 8 district of The City, killing Transients and cops alike. And where's Spider? On the roof of a local strip club with his laptop, writing his column "live" on the scene!

Riots and carnage litter the streets as the comic opens. Fires blaze as people set fires to the buildings around them nothing is safe from the Transients riot and the cops that batter them.

Spider makes his way through the bulk of the rioters and finds a strip club in an attempt to get somewhere out of the mob somewhere safe but...its locked. "Come on open up!" he screams, the voice on the other side says sarcastically "And let the nutters in? NO".

Slamming on the door more Spider quickly screams "But I'm pregnant, for the sake of my unborn child please."

The door opens quickly and Spider stumbles in right into a goliath of a woman. The woman standing six feet and complete with an eye patch says "You don't look pregnant."

Spider with sarcasm "Just missed my period." stating that she was the bouncer and that he needed to get upstairs. Towering over Spider the bouncer threatens to break Spider just for lying to him and throwing him back outside, softly chuckling he asks again how to get upstairs she tells him and that "You better not cause any trouble." Spider shrugs with a smile "Who me?"

As he walks into the next room he stumbles upon a room full of strippers, one of them states "Oh sh!t one of them got in." Referring to Spider he smiles "I'm not a crazy rioting bastard, I'm a whole completely different kind of bastard. I just need to get to the roof." One of the strippers asks if its to jump and he scoffs saying that if he did all the editors in the world would have nothing to fear that "I think I need to write a column" Walking upstairs speaking of what he is and what he will be writing about one of the strippers begins to follow him and they all end up on the roof with Spider. Up top the roof he looks down at the carnage below and says to himself that its all because Christ (Fred) decided to be "A bit Kennedy" and the Civic Center got a bit nervous. One of the strippers points out that it wasn't all Fred's fault, Spider points out that it wasn't his fault directly but he started it. That he wanted to make the Transients look scary and it did its job, that the civic center got scared and bit back that this is the result from the bite. The Civic Center paid a few transients to start the riot and that it all went down hill from their that's the truth of it all. As Spider connects to THE WORDs feed Royce comes on screaming that his column isn't done yet that they wont have time by the due date to polish it, Spider responds with a few choice words telling Royce that he will get the column live from the top of the riot. As he types he tells the girls that journalism is just like a gun, that its only got one bullet and if you aim right thats all you need to get the ball rolling.

Spider begins his column writing about how one little pebble can create a tidal wave of destruction. Unleashing all the truth about what happen that day that if you choose to see the truth that this is what happens when people get stepped on for the truth. A few images of transients flow through the pages as he types and types, soon his column is read all around the world and the cops begin to pull back and soon they are all gone.

The day is done an so is his column, as Spider makes his way home the next day a group of cops jump him an beat the snot out of him. After they finish he stands up battered and beaten an laughs outloud, finally he got to them.



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Writing An Obituary From Inside the Carcass As It Rots 0

Spider Jerusalem is such a great character, his every word is absolute gold encrusted platinum. Spider Jerusalem is an avatar for the raw uninhibited truth. He is the conduit who recieves ambient truth and channels it into words for the rest of the world to comprehend.  In this issue, Spider lets fly the truth to the public, and a storm is unleashed. There's actually not a lot I can say about this issue, but when most of the issue is taken up by Spider Jerusalem writing an article while sitting ...

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