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alright bear with me

This is my first reveiw for Comicvine, i've been wanting to do this for awhile  but never got around to it so...ok. Any way  In this arc Spider Jerusalem is having a bad day. First his horrible ex-wife's frozen head is stolen, then his assisstant is running off to a nunnery, then his "journalist insurance" is canceled (apparently that's really bad) and someone called the cops. So Spider has to fight them off and escape his apartment to sort this mess out. Of course I couldn't mention this story with out talking about one of the best parts: Stompanato. Stompanato is a cop, well he's also a talking bulldog with one eye but still a cop. Now Stomp has a grudge against Spider, back when Spider saw Stomp hustling a hooker for her cash so Spier(respectable gent that he is) drugs Hima nd pays a back alley surgeon to neuter him. Now when ever Stompantoeven hears spider's name he goes into convulsions. Now Stompgets a chance a sweet vengeance now that Spider is on the police blotter. Oh and at Mitch Royce's office their is headless kid that's say that Spider is his dad. overall I say  a good start to a fun little story nice to see Spider do little a** kickin' and the whole wife's head getting stolen is interesting. Overall I say 4 and a half stars.

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