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    Great Scott! Marty McFly has just returned from the adventure of a lifetime to a new, better Hill Valley⁠—everything's looking up for him! That is, until Marty and his friend Doc Brown's time machine attracts the attention of the Decepticons! With one small mistake, Marty finds himself once again thrust into adventure to stop the Decepticon plot in the past, present, and future... all with the help of a new time machine... the Autobot, Gigawatt!

    List of covers and their creators:

    CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
    ACover AJuan Samu (a) & David Garcia Cruz (c)1
    BCover BPhilip Murphy2
    RI-A1:10 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover ADan Schoening (a) & Luis Antonio Delgado (c)3
    RI-B1:25 Retailer Incentive Variant Cover BToy Photo Cover4
    REJolzar Collectibles Exclusive Variant Cover (Virgin)Diego Galindo5
    REScorpion Comics Exclusive Variant Cover (Virgin)Livio Ramondelli6
    REScorpion Comics Exclusive Variant Cover (Virgin)Livio Ramondelli7
    RENew York Comic Con Exclusive Variant CoverAndrew Griffith8
    REBig Country Comics Exclusive Variant Cover (Wraparound)Hugh Rookwood9

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